The Idea Party Event™ Vancouver, Canada

''It only takes one good idea to make a fortune.''

-- Dr. Napoleon Hill, Author of 'Think & Grow Rich' -- 

The Idea Party Events Company presents: 


The Idea Party Event™ 


  • Are you ready to manifest what you really, really, really want in your life?
  • Would you agree that the best investment you can ever make is in yourself?
  • Proximity is Power! The more people you have around you, the higher your chance of getting what you want in life.


The most common answer to: "What do you really want?" is "I don't know"! This event will not only help you get clear on what you really, really, really want - it could even be the place where you manifest what you want. Right there in the room. At the very least you have the opportunity to walk away with a support system of people ready and willing to help you move forward. 

In reality, whatever resources a business lacks, another entrepreneur has. Whether you have a great product but no customers—or a great idea and no money—the resources and connections you need are out there. The biggest challenge is finding the right people to partner with and persuading them to work with you.


    Darren Jacklin's uncanny ability to increase business income, wealth and success by uncovering hidden assets, overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities has captured the attention and respect of NBC TV, CBS TV, Elevision TV Network, Sharing Success TV, The Manifest-Station TV Channel, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs and marketing experts.

    Darren has manifested a multi-million dollar mansion in Vancouver, BC Canada, his clothing wardrobe through Derks Men's Wear in Edmonton, AB Canada and he’s helped others manifest dream jobs, relationships, business success, and much more. For more than a decade, Darren has traveled the planet dedicating his life to discovering the most advanced principles for producing accelerated change. 

    As a World Authority on Making Your Dreams Real he has advised more than 130 Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, Black & Decker, Barclays Bank, and high school and professional athletes from more than 36 countries. 

    Check Darren Jacklin out at these links/websites, and read more in his bio below:  


The Idea Party Event™ is the place to bring your dreams and ideas. Share them with the room and with your small groups and collaborate with Darren and others to manifest what you and they want - and maybe... much, much more than you ever imagined! 

This will be a special session that will focus you and help you take some specific steps forward towards more of the life you want. This could be the right opportunity for you if your life dreams include: 

  • Buying your First Home
  • Coming out of retirement and into a new business 
  • Creating Passive Streams of Income
  • Starting A New Company
  • Taking a Honeymoon
  • Meeting your Soul Mate/Life Partner
  • Increasing Your Existing Business
  • Buying a New Car
  • Developing Your Own High Level Mastermind Dream Team
  • Profiting on Ebay
  • Getting Help Developing a New Idea
  • Anything else not mentioned on this list...


What specifically will you gain from attending The Idea Party Event™? 

  1. An understanding of the laws of manifestation and how to put them into action.
  2. A clear understanding of what types of ideas are best to create long term wealth.
  3. How to Attract Wealth. There are certain things you must do in order to have exceptional opportunities present themselves to you. These are habits of success, patterns of thinking that almost every self-made wealthy person adheres to.
  4. How to turn obstacles into opportunities.
  5. How to change your thinking to have more of what you want.

                                     Make a commitment to your own personal success -

your dreams, desires and what you deserve - right now! 


WHERE:   2372 Constantine Place

 West Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V7S 3H7

(We want to expand your Mindset and Elevate your creative experience at The Idea Party Event™  so we will be collabrating in a $6 million Mansion in the Bitish Properties in West Vancouver)


When: Saturday, September  12, 2009

       Registration: 8:15am - 8:45am  PST

                     Event start/end time: 9:00am - 5:00pm PST
Healthy snacks included

 Register Now!
Or: Call one of our Client Care Services Team Specialists.
at The Idea Party Events Company:
1.415.592.0356  or

1.888.423.5932 Toll-Free within Canada/USA

General Admission $175.00. CAD per person

Platinum Level Guests $275.00 CAD per person
Maximum: 25 Platinum Level seats available

Platinum Level Guests receive:

VIP seating

Accelerated Networking lunch with Darren Jacklin World Authority on Making Your Dreams Real on Saturday September 12, 2009 includes a round table Mastermind discussion of how to accelerate your business and how to survive during tough times.

Platnium Level only Social Networking After Party with Darren Jacklin on Saturday, September 12, 2009 7:00pm - 9:00pm PST.

Platinum Level also entitles you to the unprecedented opportunity to network personally with Darren Jacklin and Platinum Level members, as well as Darren Jacklin's massive network of people in over 100+ countries around the world.



Idea Party Events™ Facilitator - Darren Jacklin 

Here is what some people are saying about The Idea Party Event™


"Darren Jacklin is the real deal. In a sea of people "talking" about integrity, authenticity, showing up and taking action there is no one... I mean no one, that can bring it like he does. Darren brings heart and soul to every action he takes. If you want to experience your life ignited, just be in the same breathing space as he is..."

Tanja Diamond CH.t, NLP, ACTE
Seattle, Washington USA
"I have not a person who more sincerely, energetically, and passionately wishes to help others achieve their goals and create for themselves a fulfilling existence than Darren Jacklin. He has taught me a great deal about the value of contributing to other's lives."

Mr. Jeremy P. Yates
Attorney at Law
Ascension Law Office, PLLC
Seattle, Washington USA

"Wow!!! Where do I begin? Darren Jacklin you have changed my life in so many ways. When I first met you I was honestly scared of you because I was a struggling, single parent, mom living on welfare. You believed in me when so many others turned their back on me and said, "You will never amount to much in your life you will always be on welfare". You gave me a hand up not a hand out.  You helped me to adjust my mindset. You helped me to set written specific goals that could be accurately measured. You helped me to attract positive mentors & role models into my life. Through your workshops, I have now created new associations with new friends who are high level thinking people who don't just talk about things they actually take massive action and make things happen. You always kept telling me that when I really know something is when I live it because talk is really cheap. I was really scared inside myself to make these changes but you kept on saying Lisa "Trust the Process" remember a beautiful butterfly must struggle inside the cocoon before it can fly.

Now I really know what it is like to have self confidence and to really believe in myself.  Today I earn a high six figure income as a professional realtor. I now live my life everyday with passion and purpose. I am helping so many others to see the potential that is sleeping inside of them. Thank you for making a difference in my life."

Lisa Milligan
Century 21 Real Estate Executives
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada  (The Okanagan Valley)
"Darren Jacklin had me share my vision for increasing love for whales worldwide with an audience I barely knew. Person after person offered immediate tangible assistance – donations, coaching, help with travel to the Tonga humpback whale swim, connections, ideas, free web hosting, website construction, and more.

I was moved to tears by the response and challenged to open deeply to receive. Most of all, my heart was convinced that the Love the Whales vision can become reality. Strong support to give one's heartfelt vision to the world is the most amazing gift I can imagine. Darren's giving heart opens everyone he meets to participate fully in the joyful flow of giving and receiving.

Darren's Idea Party Events™ are life changing – be there!"

April Martin
Mukilteo, Washington USA
"A rare find. This is a simple way to describe Darren Jacklin. With a sincere and joyous heart, he serves his community and all those he comes across through his ability to master the exchange of information and energy. Darren's idea parties help to make people's dreams become a tangible reality. He does this by harnessing the connections, resources and generosity of a diverse network of people, letting the magic of this work for itself. This positively and profoundly impacts not only those directly involved, but the greater population as a whole. Darren helps to bridge the gap between separation and unity, impossibility and possibility, and helps make the difference between someone attempting to achieve their goals, and actually doing it. Perhaps more than anything, Darren's idea parties widens our ability to give and receive, which can't help but to grow us all in amazing and wonderful ways."

Jennifer Fletcher
Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Intuitive Body Worker
Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada

"I attended an Idea Party Event™ put on by Darren Jacklin and I was blown away by how easy it is to make anyone's dream come true. Darren truly is a master of manifestation. In a matter of a few hours I saw Darren help people make their life long dreams come to an immediate reality. His technique is quite amazing because he shows us how easy it is to network with others and really become clear with what we want in life. This involves discovering what we are passionate about and taking steps to achieve it. He helps us in overcoming any obstacle that may get in the way and he shows us why we no longer need to feed into the many excuses that have held us back in our life.

Darren, I would like to personally thank you for being a true inspiration in my life. Since attending your Idea Party Event™ my business has now expanded from just another Bed and Breakfast on the Sunshine Coast, to a full service Retreat Center that offers holistic workshops, private business getaways, shamanic ceremonies, and all inclusive men and women's retreats.

Darren, keep on doing exactly what you do as it helps our planet shifting in so many positive ways."

Chris Fletcher, Owner/Operator
Halfmoon Haven Private Beachfront Retreat and Spa
Halfmoon Bay, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada

"As a professional speaker and entrepreneur, I attended Darren's Idea Party Event™ Event™ thinking it would be a great evening of networking. When I network, I think about what I can offer people, what I can give them. What I was surprised at, was that I was not comfortable with receiving! Despite this resistance, within 5 minutes, Darren asked me a series of questions that revealed my big dream of having a spiritual conference that unites people of all faiths and traditions, which quickly led him to put together a team of 7 volunteers at the Idea Party Event™ who wanted to help me make it happen ... NOW!  It has been 3 months since the Idea Party Event™, and we have a graphic designer, website guru, business consultant, budget expert ... the list goes on, of people who have volunteered to make the conference a reality. I highly recommend Darren's Idea Parties and whole heartedly endorse as walking his talk. He's the real deal!"

Karen McGregor
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Every entrepreneur experiences "Aha" moments along the way as they develop and grow their skills. For me, The Idea Party Event™ Event™ was one of those moments. I've taken Darren's teachings and after implementing them  in my business and life, I have manifested amazing success and opportunities. Less than six months from my first Idea Party Event™, here I am planning my retirement and finanical freedom party for later this year. Thanks Darren, you're one of those people that's helped me along the way
and if it wasn't for you, I'd never have gotten to this point. If I can do anything to help with your mission, I'd be honored."

Mr. Jeff Schneider, Director,
Building Better Communities Fundraising Initiative,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"If you are currently not living the life of your dreams, then I suggest you attend the next Idea Party Event™ Event™! These powerful manifestation events will capture your attention and re-focus it directly on the path to more..more happiness, more passion, and more prosperity in your life! Darren's passion and focus leads to an experience that catapults people directly into creating exactly what they have always desired! This may just be the answer to the exact question you've been secretly asking."

Mr. Len Wright,
Conscious Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of The Manifest-Station Internet Channel
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

"After attending the Idea Party Event™, and sharing my biggest dream to be a  country singer, I met with a record producer, a country singer, formed an amazing mastermind group, got a free photo shoot from a great friend and talented photographer, found 3 perfect songs for my first album, purchased my domains, received an email from Momo of The Momo Zone - who is an
amazing man and inspiration who helps people using YouTube to achieve their dreams, recorded a 3 song demo CD, sent off my first Electronic Press Kit (EPK) to Big Valley Music Festival in Camrose, AB Canada., met Scott Evans,one of the executive producers of the hit movie "Pass it On", and best of all, I got the most amazing support,encouragement and help  from Darren Jacklin himself! His work has completely changed the direction of my life in less than 2 months!  I'm living my dreams, doing what I love, helping others achieve their dreams - all because I went to the Idea Party Event™ Event™ and took action!
Thank you Darren!!!"

Pauline Lee
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"If you get just one idea or meet one new person it is well worth your
time. I got several of both."

Mr. Terry Tillaart, MBA,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Opportunity and Confidence: That is what you'll find at an "Idea Party Event™". You will be given the opportunity to share your experience and knowledge with appreciative people. You will also have the opportunity to humble yourself (it is much more rewarding that it sounds) by sharing your passion and needs with the group. Your confidence will build by: having others value and seek out your expertise, and by having people support you in your passion and needs. Both open your eyes to the possibilities, and the encouragement to get there. Opportunity + Confidence = Results"

Mr. Michael Fox (Consultant)
Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

"Think of a man who is fun, interesting and interested; who lives in integrity - courageously going for what he wants.  Driven by his passion to make a real difference to many he stops at nothing to achieve his vision. This is Darren Jacklin and his contribution, support and love have helped me attract beautiful life transforming situations I'd never expected or envisaged. I cannot promote him highly enough!"

Nyali Muir
London, England UK

"I am 61 years old and have been in the workforce since 1965. This course proves you can teach an old dog new tricks."

D. Horner
Thornbury, Ontario, Canada

"Darren Jacklin is truly amazing. I think everyone should consider to attend this type of seminar for personal and professional development. It gave me a wide perspective on tools, strategies and tips to be a better person on all levels. Thank you Darren."

Arlene Kenny
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

"Darren has a great message to share and has created a revolutionary way of bringing together entrepeneurs together in a way that serves everyone's needs.  From Darren, I have learnt that coming from a place of contribution is the most rewarding way to do business.  I highly recommend that you attend!!"

Mr. Dipesh Tailor,
Life and Business Coach
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"I came to an Idea Party Event™ not knowing what to expect with an idea that had been with me for a couple of years.  Even though I believed in my idea, I was a little scared about sharing it with people who I did not know personally.  I was also a little excited because I knew that this event came into my life at the right time and for the right reason.  I felt like a student presenting an idea to the class.  After presenting my idea, I was bombarded with questions.  It was amazing, all these great questions that I hadn't even asked myself yet!  The brainstorming session increased my resolve and confidence in the idea.  Seeing the others present their ideas also motivated me to act on my own idea.

Every one of us has had an idea that with a little help could come to fruition, and this is exactly what an Idea Party Event™ is about: answers to your questions, solutions to your problems, and motivation for your actions in a great atmosphere that is also wonderful for establishing connections and friendships.  Whether you are a layman, or a professional, I highly recommend an Idea Party Event™ Event™ to you."

Jag Basran
Business Owner
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

"Darren Jacklin and the "Idea Party Event™" changed my life.  I attended the Idea Party Event™ with my wife because she asked me to go with her.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and I did not really want to be there.  As the time went by, I became more and more interested, and I found myself participating and enjoying myself. By the end of the day, I not only had a goal that I wanted to achieve, I also gained something I have never really had before.  I suddenly had passion and excitement in my life, and I believe I also discovered my life purpose that day. Darren Jacklin and the Idea Party Event™ helped me to focus on what was really important to me, and helped bring to the surface the passion and excitement that was inside me all along.  I was too caught up in my daily grind to realize it on my own.  Also, a big part of me had always believed my true goal in life would never be achievable so why bother even thinking about it.  Darren Jacklin showed me that it is indeed possible to achieve my dreams and goals.  I have since created an action plan on how to achieve my goals and I am well on my way to having my dreams come true."

Fran Mawson
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Darren Jacklin's Wardrobe provided by Derks Menswear


Name Sales End Price Fee
The Idea Party Event™ Platinum Level   Ended $275 $8.03
The Idea Party Event™ General Admission   Ended $175 $5.53

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