HRL Event #5- Mike's Paintball Mania

Who is eligible to play in the HRL?The HRL is open to all youth and rookie players and is designed for players with little or no tournament experience. The series has been split into two distinct divisions and these divisions WILL NOT play one another throughout the tournament. For further clarification of what constitutes a each classification, please read the rules section.What costs are associated with the HRL?Youth Class Entry: $120 per team Paint: $60 per case of Standard and $65 per case of PremiumRookie Entry: $180 per team Paint: $60 per case of Standard and $65 per case of PremiumWhat prizes can you win?The HRL guarantees this minimum prize package per each event:Youth... 1st...ION'S 2nd...Entry to next HRL 3rd...NXE packs 4th...Jerseys 5th...T'sRookie... 1st...ION package (ION, Mini Max-flo, barrel) 2nd...NXe package (pack, tank cover, T) 3rd...goggles 4th...NXe back packs 5th... 3 cases paintAdditionally, the HRL holds a prize raffle at the break between the Preliminary and Semi-Final round that offers a chance great prices.Due to the increased participation, teams that have not registered and paid by 5:00 pm on the Wednesday before the tournament WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY. TEAMS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REGISTER ON THE MORNING OF THE TOURNAMENT.

Name Sales End Price
Youth Registration Ended $120
Rookie Registration Ended $180

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