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Have you ever wondered what the opposite sex really thinks? What do they look for in a prospective partner? What gets their attention, what turns them on and what turns them off?

When it comes to flirting, dating, sex and love, what do they really want? As if the world of dating wasn’t confusing enough, every time you turn on the TV, read a magazine or hop online you get different advice.
Girls, should you play hard to get or shouldn’t you? Is making the first move taking away the thrill of the chase? What do guys really think about paying for the first date and do you owe him one if you accept? Is it ok to have sex on the first date or will he see you as nothing but a booty call?

Guys, what are women really looking for in a guy, do looks really matter or is it the size of your wallet they’re after? Do they really judge you based on your size or is it your experience that counts?
How do you find your soulmate and receive the love and respect you deserve?

Inundated with questions from singles about flirting, dating, sex and love we decided to find out the truth about what men and women really want once and for all. To get real answers we went straight to the horse’s mouth, conducting a global study into the dating and mating patterns of over 1500 men and women. The study consisted of online surveys, focus groups, seminars, interviews and field research (not to mention a little research of our own).

The results even surprised us. Some of the responses left us speechless, others had us rolling in tears of laughter, and a few had us scratching our heads wondering how on earth men and women ever got together.

In this book you’ll find real answers and real stories from real people. We’ll blast open those old wives tales and myths and tell you the truth about what men and women and really want and the secrets they don’t want you to know.

Are we wetting your appetite? Want some more?
Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

We’ll tell you how to:

• Avoid the dating pitfalls
• Take their breath away without breaking your bank account
• Make yourself instantly more attractive to the opposite sex
• Decipher if they're flirting or just being friendly
• Tell if you’re too much hard work or just too picky
• Be an instant hit, anywhere, anytime
• Meet sexy singles
• Conquer your fears, get over rejection and make your move
• Knock their socks off
• 150 ideas of where to go on a date
• Take them on a date they’ll never forget
• The number one thing that will get their attention
• Get them to say “yes” when she’d normally say no
• Make a fabulous impression on your first date
• Avoid the fifteen things that will kill a date
• Make them want you
• Heat things up in less than a minute

Salivating? That’s just for starters. The best is yet to come.

We’ll reveal:

• Their top 10 sexual turnoffs
• Their top 10 sexual turn-ons
• What they'd really want you to do to them in the bedroom
• What they’d like to do to you
• And how to get them coming back for more

Sound hot?

Read on, we’ve taken the guesswork out of getting the one you want.
Because dating is a game best played with two. Like men and women, the two sides of this book compliment each other perfectly, so you need to read one side in conjunction with the other to have maximum impact on the opposite sex.

“The idea of combining the advice for men and women into one flip-about tome is just brilliant..how better to encourage the sexes to see things from each other’s perspective? Enhancing our understanding of the position of the opposition has got to be a step forward in the ‘entente cordiale’ between the sexes. Paul and Katia challenge some of the most well known stereotyped concepts and ‘theories’ of how males and females should interact. The idea that you can and should behave with a potential partner the same way as you do with a friend is a refreshing piece of advice. Keep those good vibrations going and enjoy!” - Dr Cindy Pan MBBS, FRACGP, doctor and author of ‘Pandora’s Box-lifting the lid on life’s little nasties’ and ‘Playing Hard to Get’

Buy your copy now and get a copy of the new CD From Wallflower to People Magnet: Your 21 Day Confidence Boost for only $10. (RRP $29.95)


From Wall Flower to People Magnet: Your 21 Day Confidence Boost will reveal the secrets to attracting others like a magnet, helping you to be at your best in any situation, to feel more confident, look more confident and a lot sexier too.

 Before you know it you’ll be mixing it up with the best of them and attracting people and exciting opportunities to you.

 From Wall Flower to People Magnet: Your 21 Day Confidence Boost, by Katia Loisel-Furey, Inna Segal and Paul Morris Segal will help you to:


 ·        Transform yourself from a wallflower to a people magnet in 21 days.

 ·        Get people to notice you for the right reasons.

 ·        Get rid of your old beliefs and fears that are stopping you meeting and keeping the one you want – once and for all.

 Put the fun back into meeting new people. After all, flirting with gorgeous singles should be fun, not daunting.

For more information on the Real People - Real Answers Dating Study on Flirting, Dating, Sex and Love, in store events or the authors, dating and body language expert Katia Loisel-Furey and Paul Morris Segal visit www.howtogettheoneyouwant.com


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Special offer for a limited time only - Get your copy of How to get the man you want & How to get the woman you want & From Wall Flower to People Magnet CD for only $48 + $7postage NZD . (Save $20) $55

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