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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization involves both, art, and science in order to create well designed, yet Search Engine compliant pages. Since a Search Engine is a computer, “cool”, or “flashy” website pages are of no value to your page rankings because a Search Engine isn't able to comprehend graphics or pictures. A scientifically based judgment of your web pages, which is of value to a Search Engine, and what it does understand, can only be done through sheer mathematics. Therefore, you must first design your site in the way that a computer, or Search Engine, would value it. Second, you should design your site in a graphically pleasing, user friendly way, in which potential clients would like to see it, and use it.

In our Houston 2 day Search Engine Optimization Workshop Training Seminar, we will cover some special topics. These topics will include:

  • Houston small businesses
  • Internet personas ~ (specializing in areas like author branding)
  • Building a computer consultancy in Houston
  • Travel based websites
  • Houston real estate SEO

Please note: In all of our seminars we will help you create a focused search engine optimization campaign to suit your needs.

We will also cover the following bullet points in depth:

  • How to increase traffic to your website
  • How to find web demographics
    • How many people search for your products? Is it worth it?
    • How to qualify your visitors before they click on your link
    • What is the best SEO campaign for your website?
  • The math behind Google, MSN, and Yahoo
    • Learn how each Search Engine has a different way of reading and ranking your site
    • Learn how you can be ranked among the top 3 in all of the Search Engines
  • ROI - What is your return of investment per Search Engine, per visitor?
    • Learn if you should pay-per-click, and how to save 50% if you do
  • How to generate more business through your website
    • Discover other sources of income through your site
  • Learn the secrets of how the Search Engines work
  • Top 10 ways to increase your ranking today
  • 10 ways to ruin your ranking
  • 7 successful plans for getting highly ranked in all of the Search Engines
  • How keyword research will increase your success
  • How to give away the farm, and generate more business
  • How to create and use Link Farms
  • Article submission
    • 5 proven methods of creating a great article
    • How to submit an article
    • Where to submit an article
    • Why must you submit articles?
  • How to create media buzz around your website
  • 5 proven rules of general web design
    • Why you should start designing your site with SEO in mind
  • How Search Engines work when pictures and graphics are present
    • How to create a graphically pleasing site with the Search Engines in mind

This is a 2 day, “hands-on, computers off" Search Engine Optimization Workshop Training Seminar. Your laptop will come in handy for working on some of the exercises at this Search Engine Optimization Workshop Training Seminar, but it is not necessary. Please bring your files on CD, not disk, and publish your website on a CD. Having an example of your website will help you and your instructors work "hands-on" if you would like to. There will not be any internet access at this Search Engine Optimization Workshop Training Seminar. All of the above mentioned bullet points that will be covered in this Search Engine Optimization Workshop Training Seminar sound great, but how will they affect you? Click here to see a detailed description, in Mr. Brown's own words, about how each of the 23 sections of this workshop will help you succeed.

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