Become the "online expert" in your field Tele-Workshop

This year's Tele-Workshops are all about becoming an "Infopreneur."  Because we are in an informational world, we need to reevaluate how we approach and start a business.  "Brick-and-Mortar" businesses are rapidly becoming a thing of the past and providing a service isn't enough to sustain the overhead that comes with keeping your store front open.  We are going to break down and dissect how you can create informational products and start earning money almost immediately.

Become the online expert in your field and generate additional streams of income

Discover the first steps to becoming the "expert in your field."  You'll gain insight on:

  • Benefits of Information Products
  • Generating Information Product Ideas
  • Strategies for promoting Information Products
  • Building an "Expert Platform"
  • Finding your Niche

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Name Sales End Price
April Tele-Workshop (April 21, 2009) Ended $160

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