Overview of JBoss Application Server 5

Overview of JBoss Application Server 5

July 29th, 2009

JBoss AS 5 is Red Hat's latest release of its Java EE certified application server. Several architectural and functional changes go into the latest JBoss release. In this presentation, Javid Jamae will give an overview JBoss AS 5 and talk about some of its newest features including:

  • The new Microcontainer architecture
  • JBoss Messaging
  • Clustering with buddy replication
  • JBoss Transactions
  • JBoss Web
  • EJB3 support

Speaker: Javid Jamae

Javid Jamae is the author of JBoss in Action (Manning 2009). He has been developing in Java since 1999 and started using JBoss in 2003. Working as an instructor for several years, Javid got involved in the JBoss AS curriculum and because a certified JBoss instructor. This led him to the opportunity to write JBoss in Action; a three year long project which published this year. He is currently living and working in Houston.

Meeting Location: PROS Pricing

3100 Main
10th floor
Houston, TX 77002

Suggested Parking:

Park across the street in the parking garage on Elgin on the 3rd or 4th floor in the Visitor designated spots. Walk across the skybridge on the 3rd floor and take the elevators on the right side of the elevator lobby to the 10th floor.


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Door Prizes and Giveaways!

  • JetBrains has donated one IntelliJ license to be raffled off at this HJUG meeting
  • ZeroTurnaround has donated a license of JavaRebel to be raffled off this month


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