Dynamic Languages and Static Languages Debated

This month we9ll be having an open debate about the merits and drawbacks of using Java and dynamic languages (such as Groovy and JRuby). The idea for the debate came about at the April HJUG meeting when Neal Ford started debating with several HJUG members about how Java-based projects can scale to a large number of people, as compared to dynamic languages.

There are several issues and questions at play:

  • The promise that dynamic languages can enable greaterproductivity, but also bring with them the likelihood that code couldbreak when developers check in code.
  • Dynamic languages on the JVM are still fairly young and donot yet have broad acceptance yet by managers.
  • How easy is it to scale a project that uses dynamiclanguages?
  • Which project management styles lend themselves best tousing dynamic languages?


Door Prizes and Giveaways!

  • JetBrains has donated two IntelliJ licenses to be raffledoff at this HJUG meeting
  • No Fluff Just Stuff has donated a ticket to their Austinshow this July to be raffled off

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