Unit Testing Java using Groovy and Mock Objects

This presentation will show how the use of the Groovy language and its mock object library makes unit testing Java code much easier. The Groovy standard library includes classes to simplify the process of writing unit tests, including tests using mock objects. Almost all of this benefit applies to testing Java code as well. This presentation will also cover TestNG integration. (The Groovy standard library focuses on JUnit 3.). The final demo will integrate Java, Maven 2, Groovy, and TestNG.


    This talk makes two assumptions:
  • Most shops do not do enough unit testing.
  • Making unit testing easier significantly encourages more and better unit testing.


Speaker: Walker Hale

Walker Hale obtained a bachelor's degree in Physics and Math Science from Rice University. He then migrated into programming, especially for support of biology labs. He currently works with the Human Genome Sequencing Center at Baylor College of Medicine. His current favorite languages are Groovy, Python, and Java.


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RSVP by going to http://hjug02252009.eventbrite.com/ We will need an accurate head count in order to know how much pizza to order. 

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3100 Main
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Park across the street in the parking garage on Elgin on the 3rd or 4th floor in the Visitor designated spots. Walk across the skybridge on the 3rd floor and take the elevators on the right side of the elevator lobby to the 10th floor.


Meeting Sponsor: Triad Resources

Sponsor Website: http://www.triadresources.com

Company Background
Triad Resources provides direct hire staffing, managed contract servics and comprehensive training solutions. Specializing in information technology, our innovative services bring people, technology, and opportunities together, enabling businesses to meet agressive goals and candidates to find roles that fit both their skills and individual goals.


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  • JetBrains has donated one IntelliJ licenses to be raffled off at this HJUG meeting


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