Building Up in a Downturn:Ingenious Marketing Strategies from Savvy Experts

The economy may be slow but your competitive environment isn't. Get ingenious strategies to make your marketing budget go further with a well-wheeling panel discussion led by three of Houston's interactive experts:

  • Kelsey Ruger - Pop Labs
  • David Underwood – Top Spot
  • Caesar Vielmas – Idea II

You'll get tips for and chances to ask questions about:

  1. Marketing your business in a tough economy
  2. Strategic internal actions you should take
  3. Hiring innovative employees right for a recession
  4. Showing value (the all-important ROI!)

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Building Up in a Downturn:Ingenious Marketing Strategies ...

Eventbrite - Building Up in a Downturn:Ingenious Marketing Strategies... - Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at Maggiano's Restaurant (Galleria).

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