Honor Integrity & Mastery (HIM) Workshop for Men

At the heart of every man is a Hero

He’s a lover and a poet, a warrior, a wizard, a king, and a sage with a burning desire to make a difference.

What would your life look like if you met every challenge with confidence, courage, wisdom and authority? How would that shape your future?

I know that you already have courage, wisdom and integrity. I know that you suffer whenever you have broken away from them. You can’t get to courage. You can’t get to integrity.
It is a place in your heart that you come from. (HIM) is about mastering these distinctions in your everyday life and being that for the people you love.

“Honor has not to be won: it has only not to be lost.”

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) Germany

Gregory Morgan

I designed (HIM) because the path of honor brings out the best in men. I designed it because I needed it! Because your greatness should be shared.

Like you, I’ve tried to find happiness the “other way” and at the end of the day there’s just no getting around it: Honor Integrity and Mastery are the source of freedom and fulfillment.

I’ve designed a unique progression of challenges, exercises, processes and inquiries, that induce accelerated states of rapid and enduring transformation.
• You will access your innate wisdom and the ability to quickly resolve issues in your relationships from a place of Honor & Integrity
• You will complete the past with your father (living or not) and have a newfound freedom and respect for him
• You will gain a deeper understanding and respect for yourself and other men
• You will be more confident and effective in all areas of your life where you currently feel constrained

You will discover the answer to the world’s greatest mystery!

Find out what women really want and be the kind of man that can give it to her
• Be the kind of man women love to be around and other men instinctively respect

There are men we know and men we trust with our lives
Most of us can count them on one hand

At (HIM) you will
• Create bonds with honorable men that will expand your possibilities for success and personal development for the rest of your life
• Have a lot more fun just being a man.
• Men are Hilarious – you will “get off it” - “lighten up” and embrace your inner fool

There is a purpose to your life. Most people never discover it until it’s too late.
Well the truth is: it’s never too late!

In Honor Integrity & Mastery (HIM) you will see yourself in a whole new light and begin to make choices in your life that are aligned with your higher purpose

I believe every man wants to contribute his unique gift to the world and leave a Legacy for future generations.

Humanity is indebted to honorable men like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Ben Franklin, Rumi, Abe Lincoln, John Kennedy, Hafez and Mandela.

Their names are etched in our consciousness because they gave it all.They didn’t wait until they were good enough to change the course of history. Honorable men have repeatedly shown that true greatness is in ordinary men like you and me.

TheHonor Integrity & Mastery (HIM) Workshop humbly stands on the shoulders of giants

I invite you to begin the New Year not with a new you but with the real you.
I challenge you to a turning point in your life.
I’m inviting you to the Honor Integrity & Mastery (HIM) workshop on January 23rd, 2009.

I’ll be there with some of the best men you’ll ever want to meet.

If you are thinking about registering for (HIM), let me give you a clue: being decisive, getting out of your head, trusting your gut and “being in action” are only a small part of what you’ll master at (HIM).

If you are serious about mastering your life and being the man you’ve always wanted to be this is where it begins.

Honor Integrity & Mastery (HIM)
Friday, January 23rd – 7:30 through

Sunday, January 25th - 8pm
Beverly Hills, CA

To make it a real “no-brainer” I’m offering a special $100 scholarship expires at 5pm (PST) January 15th, 2009
Register online or by phone and mention the code-name: “HonoringMen”

Tuition: $547.00 Online: $497.00

Call Embrace Growth now at 310 460-2600 and mention the “HonoringMen” scholarship: $397.00

"Join me for a weekend of Discovery, Training, Challenge and Insight into the true nature of Men. Discover your authentic Masculine heart." - Gregory Morgan

See my videos on YouTube at Trainer749

  1. HIM - A Turning Point

  2. Honor Integrity & Mastery

  3. Gregory & Daniel talk about (HIM)

The Honor, Integrity & Mastery Workshop is designed to identify and teach mastery of the principals that are at the heart of manhood.

Ultimately, you will come face to face with the man you are and find your love and respect for him and own your power.

Even if you have previously done some “Men’s Work”, the Honor, Integrity & Mastery (HIM) workshop will be even more profound for you. This is a life-altering event.

Honor, Integrity & Mastery (HIM) honors the traditions of ancient wisdom while forging a future that is relevant to the men of today.

Name Sales End Price Fee
One Man   Ended $499 $
"honoringMen" scholarship Ended $397 $9.93

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