HeyWhatEver Soft Launch 2008

The HeyWhatEver Concept


Vision – Our Vision has always been from the very beginning in 1999 to become the largest on-line community of ALL TIME. HeyWhatEver will become synonymous with the names Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo. It will achieve this by utilizing each of these powerhouses’ strengths as a means of solidifying its own foundation. Likewise, Linux, Apple, Dell, and MySpace provide much advancement in the CyberSpace World. Michael Dell stated in 1998 “The companies that learn to develop community online will literally rule the internet”! He motivated Founder Kevin L. Reiss to research the internet and aggressively determine what was working and what was failing. This spearheaded a Vision of going beyond Community to a completely new level. The Internet is currently where the automobile was when Henry Ford went from the Model T to the Model A. HeyWhatEver has 100yrs ahead of itself in which it will adapt and advance along with Technology and the Internets Information Super-Highway! Founder Kevin L. Reiss has vocalized predictions of things to come from the very beginning. The majority of these visionary predictions of technological advancements have happened. Some of which were original, some of which we researched, and the visionary ideals logically made sense as to the direction of CyberSpace. The bottom line is that The HeyWhatEver Concept’s Vision is the ability to support others Visions that have merit and substance. Acting as the “Ultimate General Contractor” for WhatEver, leaves much room for creativity, uniqueness, and development. If the core values mirror The HWE’s Purpose, Vision, and Mission we definitely will support, promote, and collaborate.

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