EPIC SPIRIT - THE HERO'S JOURNEY A Game that Makes Joseph Campbell’s Work Real for You


Are you ready to experience life at a higher level?

"A good life is one hero's journey after another.  Each time, there is the same problem 'Do I dare'? And then if you do dare, the dangers are there, and the help also, and the fulfillment or the fiasco.  There is always the possibility of a fiasco.  But there's also the possibility of bliss".  

- Joseph Campbell, Pathways to Bliss

So...  Do you dare to follow your bliss? 

Come Play!

A facilitated board game based on the work of Joseph Campbell,

and aimed at self inquiry and about overcoming challenges.


This is a powerful, fun game/workshop! 

You will feel what it is like to listen to your heart and:

  • Be the hero in your life's endeavors, by embodying who you really are.
  • Hold your dreams' vision while daring to go past your fears.
  • Align yourself with bliss through your life journeys.

Robert White

You will have a lot of fun and gain deep insights....

Bring your friends and Come Play with us!

Epic Spirit - Hero's Journey game event


what past participants say about the game -

"The experience of playing Epic Spirit - Hero's Journey let me look at some tough questions and gain clarity in my life's direction within one evening session."

"Playing the Epic Spirit - Hero's Journey game created a huge shift in how I face large 'scary' endeavors. I figured out that my biggest fears were also my biggest opportunities, and that I wanted those opportunities.  When I realized this, I saw that I could become a creator and problem solver rather than feel defeated or battered by my big challenges."

"At the end of the game, everyone is left with the feeling that the game is designed specifically for them.  The game easily coaxes answers from within, answers that might otherwise remain elusive."

Epic Spirit - Hero's Journey was created by Arturo Bencosme, PhD.  Arturo is an enthused consultant, facilitator and trainer of personal mastery, visionary leadership and strategy, both for individuals and in corporate settings.  His 25+ year journey through stategic planning, MBA teaching and management consulting allows him to emphasize organizational learning, the art and science of expanding the capacity for clarifying the desired future and means to attain it.  He has also kept on a life long learning path through seminars and courses on leadership, personal growth and visionary strategy.

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