Help a Heart

Help a Heart Party - An Event Hosted by Laura Grillo - July 16th 2009 @ 9 PM

Pre-Sale price of $40.00 includes appetizer buffet, domestic draft beer, wine, mixed drinks.

Local Sports Figures Sceduled to Appear
Comedian Joe Conklin is scheduled to appear along with other local celebrities, athletes and entertainers

DJ and Dancing, LIVE music by Bentely Green and Mos Eisley

Kristen from Kristen and The Noise will be performing with Bentley Green

Silent Auction.  PARKING  available on Darien Street.


"The Help a Heart event is to benefit my heart surgery expense. I need heart surgery to correct an irregular heart rhythm that could cause a stroke if left untreated. The medication I'm on is supposed to help control my heart rate but is not preventing all attacks. I do not have insurance and the cost of surgery is roughly $56,000."     - Laura Grillo

Name Sales End Price Fee
Have a Heart Event Ended $40 $1

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