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Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Call: 218-486-8700

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Broadcast Call w/ Mr. Malcolm Alexander

Hosted by Nicholas Dodd



Additional Information About The Presenter:


Director (Level 2), “Sapphire” Presidential Ring for earning $100,000 in 12 Months, $50,000 and Multiple $10,000 Dream Bonus Earner

Above and Beyond the call Enterprises (ABCE) was the brain child of Malcolm Alexander in 1991.  Alexander had an incredible rise in the Business & Entertainment communities from Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts & Kennedy Center classical music performances to attending Howard University with a major in Music Education and a minor in Communications.  He also produced and performed one many things including HU's Homecoming Showcase, Street Theater and International shows. With Alexander at the helm ABCE quickly became a force to be reckoned with in Business and Entertainment. ABCE went on to develop and grow many very successful companies over the last ¼ of a century including, ABCE Real Estate, Straight From the Street Newspaper/Concise Magazine,  WAP Management (world-renowned drummer Shauney Baby (Founder Pleasure Go-Go Band, Salt-n-Peppa, Hillary Duff)), Wide-Awake Records/Sony Red Distribution (Ski Johnson) and an Internet Company ( just to name a few.  Alexander later started buying, selling and building companies including clubs & restaurants,  The National Minor Football League & one of the teams ‘The Washington Chiefs” (which spearheads 15 youth and community service programs as a 501c3), Hair Salon’s and Recording Studios. Alexander worked with in PR, Marketing, and Music production with artist from Bon Jovi to Janet Jackson, to Dru Hill, to Yolanda Adams and the Leverts. With awards and accolades to many to name including “#1 Street Publication” by Def Jam records to “Most Successful Entrepreneur Under 40” by Nabisco, Malcolm Alexander is now returning to his roots as the President of DotComDistribution (parent company to DotCom Records, Management & Marketing) and also holds a seat on the Board of WAMA (Washington Area Music Association) and is a top Executive Director and majority stockholder for a leading public Travel Company ( With a host of experience over 25 years in the music/entertainment as well as business worlds ABCE brings together the “Right Team, at the Right Time” to deliver the First Online Entertainment Community for the Artist and the Customer!!

Malcolm Alexander, a successful entrepreneur with no time to enjoy life was introduced to network marketing in 1999 by a broke college student.  Initially purchasing the companies product for his personal use, it just made sense to Alexander to get paid if he shared it with someone else. Little did he know that 11 months later his income would be over $33,000 a month.  Unfortunately the network marketing demons caught up with him and like many that came before and current in this industry the network marketing company he was with at that time let him down and his income took a plunge.  Yet having now caught the network marketing bug, and being intrigued by the industry and how his involvement had at the same time spiraled his business sense and traditional company's to more success, he was challenged to understand network marketing industry outside of just one company.  Alexander began on a quest to understand this industry, why it gets such a bad name when the good drastically out ways the bad. He found mentors like Paul J Myer (Billionaire), Mark Yarnell (Author "First Year in Network Marketing"), Jim Rohm (exceptional industry mentor), Jerry Clarke (African American Million Dollar Earner) and many others to show him the ins and outs.  After using many other companies products and services, experimenting with a few companies building techniques and compensation plans he concluded that he loved the idea, many products and services, but not the integrity of the industry. To often the driving force of the companies was "work toward your dreams and goals at all costs, forget your other circle of friends and venture", and then the companies would through poor management or decisions, greed, or being shut down let its distributors down. Therefore when Your Travel Biz (YTB) was presented to Alexander he immediately saw the travel and tax benefits and joined, put the business and networking side he was hesitant.  Yet unlike many others he figured that if he was to use their product he would probably be better off if he understood everything that was offered and the pulse of the company.  Therefore he attended a few trainings, a convention, tested the compensation plan, and eventually did just enough to travel and hang out with the ownership of YTB so that they could talk and break bread with them.  Alexander decided after seeing the integrity of the owners, their track record, and most of all that they put the field first he figured he would share the blessing with a few others that might benefit.  Then when YTB came up with major medical, life insurance, and a legal document that protected the field from the company itself.  That the network marketing demons that find almost all distributors in this industry at some point, could not happen here in YTB.  It was time to work!  4 months to create a 6 figure income, 11 months to director, a couple more months to a 6 figure ring, and a multiple 6 figures his first year serious about YTB.  Now with a growing and loving family, their dream home and dream cars, a thriving YTB business as well as other traditional ones, and other Superstar Leaders in business and with 7 YTB Directors coming up the ranks, his team called TEAM PROMELL (Promoting Money Entrepreneurship and to Love Life) creates the fastest growing team in the area and their entire YTB family, all you can say is "Life Is Good"

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