Hatchery - Are You Serious?

Hatchery opens its doors to a fast paced New York style pitch event.

Hatchery style honesty. In ways others may be too polite to share. It will be what you need to hear about your startup covering marketing, finance, technology, business, presentation.....

This has been the Hatchery Dry Run process initiated to all Hatchery companies chosen for the main event. We are opening to everyone.

Review committee:
David Blumenstein - Managing Partner, Hatchery
Martin Breslin - Managing Partner, Hatchery
Jay Levy - Principal, Zelkova Ventures
Jason Olim - CoFounder, The Freshman Fund

What's the point?
1. A chance to pitch at the main event
2. Pitching practice
3. Honest feedback about your company

How it works:
1. RSVP to attend

2. If you would like to pitch, send materials in advance to:pitch@hatchery.vc
- we need powerpoint and executive summary
- deadline is 1 week before the event
- file naming: company name (1 word), underscore, deck or summary
ex. hatchery_deck.ppt, hatchery_summary.doc
- put both documents in 1 email. do not send separately.

3. Day of the event, sign up at the desk for the order. It is first come, first serve. We are taking the first 8.

4. We are not waiting for the guests to arrive. Doors open at 6pm. It starts at 6:30pm-8:30pm.

5. It will be FAST!

6. There is no Q&A. We can talk after the event.

5 minute entrepreneur pitch
5 minute panel critique

The Powerpoint:
Please include all these things in your slides.
1. your team
2. what your product/service does
3. what issue/pain is it looking to solve/address
4. what is the solution
5. what is the addressable market
6. what is the competitive landscape
7. any current customer/client/pilot pipeline
8. what is the revenue stream/source
9. what are your financial projections
10. how much are you looking for in investment
11. what will you do with the money, how will it be spent

Entrepreneurs who take this seriously will absolutely benefit.

Oh, and the booze should make this more interesting?

Name Sales End Price Fee
Hatchery - Are You Serious   Ended $10 $0.99

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