Certified ScrumMaster Training For These Hard Times - Detroit

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We are sorry you missed this oppurtunity but, there will be another one September 29-30th, 2009.



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This course is aimed at helping those who are experiencing hardship during these turbulent economic times.

We are offering special discount pricing and offer this pricing to anyone. Our course will be run if we can cover basic costs.

We will be doing everything we can to hold costs down and help those in the Detroit area that are hard pressed. Our goal is to help stimulate skill development in the Detroit area.

This offering is inspired by and part of the Tobias Mayer's Welfare CSM offering.

We hope you can attend and take advantage of this special offering. Please register as soon as possible. Full refunds will be given if we do not hold this event.

Registration will be limited to 18 participants.

After you register expect an email to invite you to a user group.


Doug Shimp


Certified ScrumMaster

2 Days - This course results in a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) designation from the Scrum Alliance.
Expand beyond classic product/project paradigms and learn why agile/scrum works.
Understand Scrum • Use Agile Metrics and Reports • Apply Adaptive Planning

Who Should Attend and Prerequisites

This course is suited for people who have experience being on development teams or are faced with complex product/project development efforts. Individuals from all levels of the corporate structure who deal with rapidly changing demands and complex efforts. Managers, Testers, PM, Analysts, Developers, managers, directors, C-level functions

Participants should have some familiarity with Agile, either by attending the Intro to Agile Methods training course or through practical Agile experience.

Why?product owner, scrummaster and team
Agile project management is as radically different from traditional project management as agile processes are different from traditional methodologies. Rather than plan, instruct and direct, the agile project manager facilitates, coaches and leads. In the agile framework known as Scrum, this person is called a ScrumMaster to denote the difference and remind the person filling this role of their new responsibilities. Accepted course participants learn how to be a ScrumMaster and how to make a development team, a project, or an organization agile. The ScrumMaster is responsible for the proper execution of the Scrum framework, and manages the resulting changes within the organization. Exercises, case studies, simulations and experiences are used throughout the course to bring home the realization of how Scrum can work. We will also show how the roles of ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Team form a critical tripod for effective agile development. All participants are expected to understand Scrum basics prior to attending this course.

Why 3Back?
It is vital that today’s agile practitioners be able to retain what they have learned and apply it to their jobs. Our training leverages modern adult learning with both robust simulations and discussion. We train so that participants can put the ideas presented to practical use: your results are our validation.


Review Attendee Responses


The course is an intensive interactive session designed to leverage your experiences so that you can learn the practice of Scrum in the context of what you know. We will be leveraging the diverse backgrounds of the attendees through facilitated discussion and simulation. The following concepts will be covered:

• Overview of Scrum and Agility
• What Agility is and why it works
• What Scrum is and why it works
• Balancing Structure and Conversation
• Sprints and Natural Rhythms
• Leveraging Natural Rhythms and Time boxing
• Connecting Sprints Together
• Inspect & Adapt
• Establishing a flow of product delivery
• Roles and Responsibilities
• ScrumMaster, Product Owner and The Teamagile is an empirical process
• Sprint Planning and Release Planning
• Product Backlog & Sprint Backlog
• Informed strategic and tactical views
• User Stories, Other Stories and Building Robust Capabilities
• Building ROI in one step at a time
• How to maintain team focus
• Plans which adapt to emerging situations
• Sprint Review (Demo and Retrospective)
• Engaging critical business involvement to validate
• How to encourage ownership and accountability
• Engaging awareness to foster self-organization
• Emerging design to deal with unforeseen demands
• The power of done and incremental development
• Well Formed Teams
• What is a Well-Formed Team*
• Build trust, gain rapport and move faster
• Great teams & Scrum environments
• From fully collocated to fully distributed
• Cross-functional teams and how to build them
• Building and sustaining teams that perform
• Teams as Capital Assets
• Scaling, the Enterprise and Multi-Team Environments
• Tracking Progress to Inform Decision Making
• Estimating and sizing work items
• Burndown charts & Burnup charts
• Schedule performance, cost performance and business value


What You Will Learn - What For?vision, direction, forces, balance and challenge
• Tap the power of the Scrum framework, navigate extreme complexity
• How to apply and leverage the rhythm of time-boxes
• Inform decision making based on realities encountered
• Break down work with agile analysis
• Enable rapid business response to changing markets
• How to stimulate well-formed teams and how to deploy them to business needs
• Balancing product development




Daily Scrum Coach or Daily Agile Coach

on Twitter.


Read Scrum In A Nutshell before attending.

Other Event Details
• Morning and afternoon breaks will be served
• Parking is free and conveniently located right outside
• Lunch is served



Hosted by: 3Back and VersionOne

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