So...What Are You, Anyway? Multiracialism in the 21st Century

Biracial and multiracial identity politics have come a long way in America in the last century alone. Until 1967, interracial marriage was a crime. Until 2000, you had to pick one, and only one, of five race options on the US Census - white, black, asian/pacific islander, american indian/alaska native/native hawaiian, or "other." (Now, you may "mark one or more.") Recently, we elected our first ever biracial president, Barack Hussein Obama.

However, the future of mixed race in America is still uncertain. For centuries, the rule of hypodescent - or "one drop" rule - has been ingrained into American consciousness: anyone with any black ancestor is instantly deemed black. Studies show that mixed race teenagers still feel pressured to choose between multiple racial identities. And anyone can tell you that inter-racial tensions in America are still going strong. Will America see a mixed race revolution in the next century or will color lines keep us divided?


- Talks from Harvard professor Kimberly McClain Dacosta and University of Massachusetts Boston professors Karen Suyemoto and Sam Museus.

- Discussion groups with University of Massachusetts Boston professors John Tawa and Linsdey West.

- A panel on the future of multiracialism in America.

- Afterparty (with student ID)

The event is free, open to the public, and will have a catered lunch.  Register now!


Present by Harvard College Half Asian Persons Association (Harvard HAPA) in conjunction with SwirlBoston, a part of Swirl, Inc



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