Halo Energy Infusion Event with Dahlia Rondeau


Come and experience HALO energy. Miracles can happen.

Come and see Dahlia in Corpus Christi, TX on Saturday, September 26th

brought to you by Donna Suthard, of Healing By Angels

WHAT: HALO Energy Group Session

WHEN: HALO begins at 10:30am

WHERE: 2906 Water Lily Street (at Lisa Leal's home)


Dahlia Rondeau is one of the first of eleven people in the world to become

a certified Halo Ascension Infusion practitioner, and will be sharing

this modality with you.

Dahlia will be working with HALO energy for a group infusion; an incredible non-intrusive form of healing through the use of divine light energy, that clears away all that is meaningless in the eyes of Creator.

The meaning of Halo Ascension Infusion, broken down by each word:

Halo: A circle of light around a luminous body. Since every cell of our body emits photons we are luminous bodies.

Ascension: To elevate to a higher state. This is concerning our awareness of consciousness and vibration.

Infusion: To instill Grace. This is our Birth Right to receive and/or remember our Union with The Creator.

What to expect to happen at this group HALO event: Attendees should bring mats or blankets, or something comfortable to lay down on as everyone will relax on the floor for their HALO infusion.  If you cannot lay down, it's okay; just come and sit in a comfortable chair. You will still receive your infusion!  HALO music is played while Dahlia brings in the HALO energy, assisting with raising each person's vibrational energy pattern. Dahlia will be combining ThetaHealing clearing techniques before infusion begins, to assist in "allowing" the vibrations to be raised, and may also  perform angel toning, as well as hands-on-healing, with permission of any in attendance, to assist in the healing. Creator and the angels guide Dahlia at a HALO group event, assisting her to relay the energy of "All That Is" to everyone. After the infusion session is over (it takes place anywhere from 30-minutes to an hour in duration), a Q&A is held, where questions are asked and answered by Dahlia -- this is where Archangel Michael  and the masters come in to audibly help with messages! Come and experience this spiritual event. Bring your friends, tell your loved ones.

Cost is $20 per person. Seniors over 65 are FREE.

After the group HALO event: You may also book a private one-on-one healing session with Dahlia if you need additional assistance with healing; working on specific blocks and challenges for you, helping to clear and release, so that you can go to a higher state of spiritual awareness for joy, wisdom and peace. Reserve your personal time by calling Dahlia at 512.587.4282 in Austin, or emailing healingwithdahlia@live.com. These private sessions are $35 for 30-minutes; $70 per-hour.

For more information on Dahlia, please visit her website at www.healingwithdahlia.com.

This event is generously offered through Donna Suthard of Healing By Angels (www.healingbyangels.com). Donna channels Archangel Raphael, and will also be available after the group HALO event for private one-on-one sessions. Donna does angel toning and channels energy for healing, along with relaying loving messages from Raphael to clients. Please call Donna to schedule time with her at 361-876-1866 or 867-0011.

This is an exciting event that Dahlia and Donna are joining together to do, called in by the angels, to help you connect to Divine Love and Grace, to empower and heal.

Disclaimer: We do not claim to heal anyone ourselves, but we assist in raising your energetic vibration, to help you see yourself as perfect, whole, and complete, and to help you remember and know that this is your Divine Right and your Divine blueprint. By remembering and accessing this wisdom, grace and knowledge, miracles can happen.





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