Special Offer of Ultimate Lead Extractor

"How to Acquire Massive Numbers
Of Highly Profitable Leads, Overnight...
Starting From Scratch"

Let me ask you something...

Areyou tired of being pitched the dozens of waysyou can generate traffic and HOPEFULLY get a few leads!?

Areyou sick of having to BUY leads all the time to generatemore customers for your business?

Haveyou had it with being told to market to people youknow?

Ibet you are, I know I was until I discovered a source of leadsthat allows me to get leads that are actually ASKING TO BE CONTACTED!This isn't a small time source of leads either...we're talkingabout a source of leads that covers the map and is fullof people who are looking for jobs, looking for items to purchase,services, you name it. Sure you could try to harvest leads fromthis source by hand, trust me I've tried, and it'll take foooor-ever...thistool lets you access all the leads you want at the push of abutton!

Nomore dealing with the latest ridiculous traffic generation "SECRET" thatyou have to spend more time and money on...to get'maybe' results!

Nomore worringabout about Google, Yahoo or MSN charging you toomuch for traffic, or it changingit's indexingso your pages don't show up anymore! 

Nomore messing with Search Engine Optimization andbuilding websites that take up way too much ofyour time! 

Inthis economy you better have a grip on generating leads for yourbusiness. If you don't you'll end up in line at the unemploymentoffice quicker than you think. And if you're in business foryourself, the dream of keeping that alive may come to an end.

Thissolution will allow you to not only survive but THRIVE in hardtimes.

Sohere's what you're getting:

 Proprietarylead extraction software (Windowsonly -- sorry Mac users) that allows you togenerate fresh leads on demand.


Videotraining on how to use this software.


Abilityto export fresh leads for use with your Voiceshot,IBuzz or your Call Blaster account...or email themdirectly.


Freeupgrades for the next 2 lead sources addedto the Ultimate Lead Extractor software.


Provensales techniques and cut & paste emailsand scripts from me on how I easily send peopleintodifferent products, services and opportunities...thismakes your income production a no-brainer.

So, are you ready to stop paying
for overpriced leads?

Are you ready to extract fresh leads
with the push of a button?

I'm backing this software with my 100% Iron Clad
7-Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm never satisfied unless you are more than satisfied. Try the Ultimate Lead Extractor today, put it through the ringer. If you're not satisfied for whatever reason let me know and you'll get a refund, no questions asked!
Fair enough?



YES Don,I want the Ultimate Lead Extractor

Onepayment of $1997.00 + $9.34 a month maintenance fee.

Regular Priced





To your success,


PS:The one thing guaranteed to kill your business is a lack of leads.The Ultimate Lead Extractor will keep you in business and growing.Besides,there is no risk to you as you have a full 7 days to test thisout for yourself.

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