Turnkey Profits System Bundled Special Offer

Minh Pham's Million Dollar Real Estate System

Business Opportunity thru Real Estate Investing with Passive Income Turnkey System

Here is what you will receive for the 3 Courses (One time payment of $995.00) or ($375 for 3 months)


Course #1

Turnkey Profits Using Lease Options, Subject To’s

and Other Creative Real Estate Investing Techniques


This course contains:

  • 6 Audio CDs
  • 1 Text CD with license agreements (forms, agreements, checklists, contracts, etc.)
  • Manual


Here are just some of the things you'll learn:

  • Setting up your business to minimize taxes and risk;
  • Financial independence with monthly cash flow from real estate creative investing techniques such as creative real estate investings;
  • How to tap into at least five sources of good lead generation;
  • Targeting sellers who will make you the best deals;
  • How to get motivated sellers calling you;
  • How to market for homes the simple way;
  • Making money buying houses that others pass by;
  • Buying from landlords who need you;
  • Buying houses specifically to sell on creative real estate investings and other creative investing techniques;
  • Buying your own home using creative real estate investing;
  • How to analysis and seal a deal before you go to sign with the seller;
  • How to ask the right questions before you make an offer;
  • How to negotiate and enter a deal that guarantees minimal risk;
  • Setting your profit target;
  • Judging seller motivation;
  • Knowing how much to ask for and when to ask;
  • How to get access to the MLS without the annual fees and realtor’s license;
  • Different ways to get mortgage brokers and real estate agents to work for you;
  • Structuring joint ventures that work;
  • Negotiating discounts for early payments;
  • Taking properties “Subject to” existing loans;
  • Increasing your profits by indexing your sales price;
  • How to get your buyers to front money for you if the sellers require it;
  • Improving your profits by selling to the right buyers;
  • How to avoid being the stressful landlord when managing properties;
  • How to streamline the rent collection process without having to collecting the rent yourself;
  • Structuring terms that guarantee that your buyers will succeed;
  • How to get more monthly cash flow;
  • Selling houses without needing to fix them up;
  • Traps to avoid when buyers go to get financing;
  • Getting money out before you close;
  • How to get buyers to fix up your property for free;
  • Screening techniques that eliminate the flaky tenants;
  • What to do if a buyer complains about landlording hassles;
  • How to avoid evictions and foreclosure;
  • Combining real estate transactions with tax free exchanges;
  • Using ‘air tight’ contracts that protect you;
  • How to protect yourself from litigation using an LLC;
  • How to avoid liability and take out part of your profit tax free;
  • How to use your Roth IRA to buy properties and ‘NEVER’ pay taxes on your profits;
  • Protecting your deals from bankruptcies or foreclosure;
  • What you need to record and when to record it;
  • Using a contract that you can get signed without seeing their attorney;
  • Offering at least 5 other solutions for a seller TO GUARANTEE YOU’LL GET THE DEAL;
  • How to assemble a ‘Dream Team’ of Real Estate professionals who know how to run your system
  • Learn from actual case studies and deals that have produced big profits;

You will also receive:


Course #2


Turnkey Techniques: Handling Sellers’ Objections and Making Offers that Guarantee Acceptance


This course contains:

  • 6 Audio CDs
  • 1 Text CD with license agreements (forms, agreements, checklists, contracts, etc.)
  • Manual

Here are just some of the things you'll learn:

  • How to literally match your presentation to the preferred thinking style of your client.
    How to neutralize resistance or hostility while getting information that will close the sale.
    How people think and process information. You will then be able to package your presentation accordingly.
    How to control what effect words have on a client.
    How to generate excitement and motivation in virtually anyone.
    How to use effective questioning techniques that increase your impact.
    How to discover the major buying motives of your clients.
    How to quickly turn prospects into reliable clients.
    How to leap the procrastination barrier, and of course, so much more!

I’m going to deliver all the practical information you need to plan and implement successful, persuasive efforts at will. I will show you a scientifically valid, step-by-step approach to sales excellence that hundreds of my students currently are using to double and triple their rates of deals. You'll learn what star performers do, and exactly how and why they do it.


In addition, you will receive:


Course #3

Turnkey Techniques: Automatic Success Turnkey Management

This course contains:

  • 6 Audio CDs
  • 1 Text CD with license agreements (forms, agreements, checklists, contracts, etc.)
  • Manual



Here are just some of the things you'll learn:

  • When and where to advertise and market your property with ease
  • How to select GREAT residents for HASSLE-FREE MANAGEMENT
  • The Application process – The 3 keys to Guarantee Success!
  • How to train your tenants to be owners rather than just renters
  • What vendors to use for your ‘Automated Management System’
  • What paperwork to use and why
  • How to negotiate the most profitable terms with your tenant/buyers
  • How to work with a Handyman – Tenant who will fix up your property for you
  • How to have your residents take care of your property
  • How to get your tenant/buyers to love you
  • How to stay in touch with your tenants effortlessly
  • How to perform periodic inspections
  • How to get your tenants to CASH out your profits before the end of their lease
  • How to help your tenants with financing so you can cash out big profits
  • How to help your tenants fix their credit
  • What to do in the event of a lawsuit: your rights and obligations
  • How to use "higher authority" to your advantage
  • How to resolve disagreements to YOUR satisfaction
  • How to never show a property again — save time and energy
  • How to collect your rent automatically each month
  • And much much more!


Learn how to increase your cash flow so you can retire from your J-O-B and become financially independent with CASH FLOW (passive income that exceeds your expenses).

Learn management skills that both you and your tenants will love. This unique and complete course on proven tenant management techniques includes tips and insights from a SYSTEM that produces results


Learn how to train your tenants to be loyal and helpful. Good tenants can make you a fortune.


Additional topics covered include:

  • Attracting, screening and interviewing for good tenant selection,
  • Making the most profits from your property,
  • Getting bigger option considerations,
  • Raising your rents or cashing out your tenants by helping them purchase,
  • Increasing your cash flow,
  • Learning how to have hassle-free maintenance,
  • Ensuring NO VACANCIES,


 And for those that pay in full, you get a Bonus Course 

Bonus Course

Turnkey Software

This course contains:

  • 6 Audio CDs in a vinyl case
  • 1 Turnkey Software Template with agreement sticker
  • 2 DVD Tutorials
  • Manual


Highlights of Turnkey Software for the Successful Real Estate Investors


Turnkey Manual - This manual is an easy to read guide that takes you through every step, one at a time with easy to understand visual Screen Shots. Within this manual is also a look at a complete ‘deal cycle’ in which I coach you through the ‘Turnkey Investor Pipeline’ to let you see exactly where the deal is and how to best manage, market, negotiate, acquire financing, rehab, sell, settlement, and much more.


Turnkey Template for Successful Real Estate Investors CD (software templates used with ACT! 6.0)


2 DVD Tutorials - Live recording of ‘Superstar Training: Turnkey Software for Successful Real Estate Investors’ with video screen shots of ‘exact’ steps on how to use the entire system.


6 Audio CDs – Audio that teaches you how to maximize profits using Turnkey Software for Successful Real Estate Investors.


Turnkey Marketing Materials - Which includes letters, forms, and other marketing tools to help you get deals and it allows you to fill out letters and send it to one person or thousands with personalize letter customization tools.


Turnkey Automatic Contract Writer - Effortlessly fill out real estate contracts/agreements in seconds and have a record of it.


Turnkey Investor Pipeline – Tracking system that allows you to manage hundreds of deals at the same time.


Turnkey Activities Scheduler - Helps schedule, remind and guide you through every step in the Turnkey Investor Pipeline (TIP) process so you won’t miss anything you have to do.


Turnkey Investor Friendly Fields – Access Data and go paperless or in an instant access key data about Sellers, Buyers, Property Info, Income/Expenses, and much more.


Turnkey Groups Templates - Allows you to group your real estate business in a format that allows you to get organized on particular tasks, clients, prospects, marketing efforts, big projects and other customize categories.

Turnkey Reports Templates - With over 10 customized Real Estate Investor reports that give you information on your Sellers, Buyers, Cash Flow, Income/Expenses, Tenant Screening, Management, Financing, Marketing, Repairs/Rehabs, and much more!




Here’s what Turnkey Software can do for you:

  • How to control and manage 100 deals/properties at one time


  • How to keep long-range goals and big-picture ideas on your radar screen without losing sight of day-to-day details.


  • How to use Turnkey Deal Analyzer to examine a deal to ensure profits before you go to meet with the seller!


  • How to get more deals than you can handle with a special system to generate leads, leads, and more leads!


  • How to identify what a “deal” really is: a new definition that will transform the way you prioritize your tasks each day.


  • How to automate your real estate investing business to run on "auto-pilot".


  • Top achiever skills that will add time to your life and cash flow to your wallet.


  • A sure-fire system that allows you to enter everything you have or have to do into one of the key categories for maximum tracking.


  • How to buy properties with no money down using lease purchase, Subject To’s and Other Creative Techniques


  • How to simultaneously manage 1,000’s of relationships (seller, buyers, lenders, contractors, investment teams, etc.) for maximum profits with Turnkey Groups Template.


  • The amazing, ingenious organization system will change your life. Implement this one idea, and you’ll never lose track of anything ever again!


  • How to tap into the best sources of motivated sellers.


  • Automatically write your contracts and agreements in less than 10 seconds with Turnkey Contract Writer.


  • Meet your investing goals with confidence.


  • How to track completed activities using Turnkey Activities Series which take you step by step on what to do next in the Turnkey Investor Pipeline.


  • Manage all your customer information in one place and sync it with your PDA.


  • Learn how to store complete contact information including name, property, phone numbers, mortgages, property values, web sites, e-mail addresses, last meeting date, and over 300 Turnkey Investor Fields


  • Defined fields that tell you everything you need to know about your business AND each field is searchable with advance query tools.


  • Learn how to use Turnkey Reports for Deal Details, Property Analysis, Sellers, Buyers, Property Info, Income/Expenses, Management, phone lists, activity report, relationship histories, sales summaries and much more.


  • Leverage technology… go virtual and paperless with your business.


  • The organization tools you must ‘brainwash’ out of your current system immediately for lethal efficiency.


  • How to develope a “Problem Lover” mindset so that nothing can send you into panic mode – no matter how urgent, unexpected or challenging.


  • How to blast through emails and take the right action on all of them without spending hours at your computer.


  • How to automate your management systems to NEVER have landlording headaches.


  • How to handle every aspect of real estate investing as your deal goes through critical stages (‘Radars’) using Turnkey Investor Pipeline (TIP) and know exactly how to track it and what to do next for maximized profits.


  • Learn how to use this high tech system with the low-tech aspects of your life.


  • Creative Investing Techniques with the Turnkey Software.


  • How to set up a system of ‘Total Automation’ for success.


  • And how to make more money in only a fraction of the time you spend now!



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