Group Process for Spiritual Maturity

Rev. Stephen Paul AdlerGroup Process for Spiritual Maturity

Personal Development and Self-awareness Program Developed for Spiritual LeadersMariesa Julien

Facilitated by Rev. Stephen Paul Adler, Ph.D., CGP, B.C.E.P.T.S

and Rev. Mariesa Julien, Ed.D

- Dates: (Sundays)

2008: 10/5 -10/19 - 11/9 - 11/30 - 12/14
2009: 1/11 - 1/25 - 2/22 - 3/15 - 3/29 - 4/5 - 4/26 - 5/10 - 5/31

- Where: 51 Fifth Avenue PHA
- Time: 5pm - 9pm
- Pre-requisites:

· SCNY Foundations 1 or equivalent
· Participation in documented personal growth study, or 12 Step or psychotherapy
· Sense of humor
· Willingness to embrace the greatest story of your life and change the world!

- Fee: $1,350 / Members: $1,000 (in advance)

This is a group process designed to support spiritual leaders in taking the next steps in their ministry, spiritual growth, development, discipline and the weeding of their inner gardens.

In serving as leaders and living this spiritual path, we recognize the need to continue to focus on our personal unfolding. This program is designed to support the process by providing tools to take leaders to a next level in spiritual maturity.

All participants will be contacted by facilitators prior to admission to the group.




Name Sales End Price Fee
Non members Ended $1350 $9.95
Members Ended $1000 $9.95
Donation   Ended Free

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Group Process for Spiritual Maturity Personal Development and Self-awareness Program Developed for Spiritual Leaders

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