Greening the Supply Chain

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This conference provides case studies and advice to help drive competitive differentiation with individual products and supply chain capability, with particular focus on consumer products and high-tech products. Questions addressed include:

  • What are the trends in carbon reporting for supply chains? What are the goals and benefits of supply chain efforts at Walmart, Dell, WRI and CDP?
  • How are firms "greening" their products and supply chains for competitive advantage? What exactly does this entail?
  • What are the trends and the future for product level carbon labeling and "green rating" systems for companies and products? Is this influencing customer buying habits?
  • What comprises a state-of-the-art project-level Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis? Can we believe any of these numbers because of all the assumptions? What are the details of the emerging important role that inbound and outbound logistics play?
  • What are the lessons and case studies from leading companies?
  • GHG regulation and cap-and-trade are focused on scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, but how could regulation affect supply chain and product emissions, which are scope 3?

This event gathers speakers from leading companies and experts to share their experiences and insights.

*Please note: Refunds for events will not be given within thirty days of the event date.

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