How to Build a Sustainability Roadmap

One Day Seminar:


A seminar for museum and other cultural professionals tasked with getting their organisation on the road to sustainability 

•Proven techniques to get your sustainability strategy moving forward 

•Follow-up support to give you the momentum you need 

Your trainer:

Rachel Madan, Director, Greener Museums

“Rachel has been invaluable in forming our sustainability strategy at Tate. I would recommend Greener Museums to any cultural institution looking to decrease their carbon footprint.”
--Claire Eva, Head of Marketing, Tate


Speakers include:

Judith Nesbitt, Chief Curator, Tate Britain

Pat Mandeville, Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Is your museum’s sustainability strategy on the road to nowhere? 

Let’s face it, sustainability is on everyone’s agenda these days. From government, to funders, to visitors, to special events customers, everyone wants to know if what you are doing is “sustainable.” But how many of us could answer a question about where our organisation’s sustainability strategy is leading? 

This inspirational and interactive one day seminar will transform your approach to setting a sustainability strategy. It not only provides you with knowledge, it provides you with tools, confidence and motivation so that you can put your institution on the road to sustainability. 

In just one day, you will discover how to set a sustainability vision for your museum. You’ll benchmark your current approach against your desired future vision. You’ll set your desired approach and goals to get you there. 

And we won’t leave you to do it all your own. To ensure your momentum doesn’t stop when you get back to work, you’ll receive a special one-to-one strategy session (a £150 value). In addition, you’ll be able to participate in an additional group teleseminar (a £97 value) to gain insights and share successes with the other workshop participants. 

The approaches used in this seminar are based on ten years of experience working with the best known players in the world of sustainability, and proven tools and techniques for driving change in organisations. You won’t find these tools and techniques just anywhere. We’ve taken the best from leadership development, organizational change management, and sustainability success to bring this one-day course where the emphasis is on tools you can use to bring you the results you want.

Here are just some of the problems you’ll solve on this course:

‘We don’t know what we are trying to achieve’ 

You’ll learn exactly how to set a vision for your institution. We’ll clarify the process in one day, so you know exactly how to carry it forward when you return to work. You’ll feel empowered and energised to take your vision forward. 

‘I feel like the only one at my museum who cares about this stuff’ 

You’ll meet a community of other people working in museums and other cultural institutions, who also recognize the powerful income generating and cost savings potential of sustainability. You’ll also receive a special one-to-one strategy session with your trainer, AND a follow-up teleseminar with all of the workshop attendees. 

‘We’re just starting out and we don’t know where to begin’ 

Begin with the end in mind. It’s especially important for organisations that are just embarking on sustainability to know what they want to achieve. We’ll show you how to get started. 

‘We feel like our approach is bitty-- we’ve captured all of the easy stuff, now what?’ 

You’ve probably taken a tactical approach that focuses on easy wins. That’s great, but now it’s time to think strategically. After this seminar, you’ll know how. 

‘All the seminars I’ve been to seem tailored to companies with huge green teams and budgets’ 

This seminar is designed specifically for professionals working in museums and cultural institutions. We provide you with the solutions that will work for you and your organisation. 

Introducing Your Trainer 

Picture of TrainerRachel Madan is an international sustainability consultant who has helped dozens of clients develop strategic, cost-saving sustainability solutions. She has advised numerous companies on sustainability including Marks and Spencer, Clifford Chance, 3i, and Capita. Her museum clients include Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives. 

A graduate of the London School of Economics, Rachel started her sustainability career in 1999 and since 2008 has specialized in helping museums find cost-effective ways to go green. She is committed to providing delegates with practical tools that they can use right away to make their organizations more sustainable.

This is what one client had to say about Rachel: 

“Rachel has been invaluable in forming our sustainability strategy at Tate. We didn’t have the skills and knowledge in house so by employing Greener Museums we got an expert and a project champion to work across all four Tate galleries and bring ideas together.  Her enthusiasm is priceless in motivating colleagues through what is effectively a huge change management period. She makes the most complex energy theories really easy to understand and has inspired us to think and work differently. I would recommend Greener Museums to any cultural institution looking to decrease their carbon footprint.”

 --Claire Eva, Head of Marketing, Tate

What you’ll learn, 9:30 - 5:00pm 

Sustainability in a Cultural Context- The Government Cares

•Hear from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) 

•Learn what key sustainability indicators are on the government’s radar 

•See examples of sustainability requirements in funding applications 

Learning from the Success of Others 

•Hear how the Tate is approaching sustainability in a strategic way 

•Learn about their key successes---and challenges 

•Hear about their plans going forward 

The Importance of Vision 

•Learn the techniques used by successful organisations to set and achieve long-term goals 

•Link sustainability to your organisation’s mission 

•Learn a powerful technique that you can use anytime, anywhere 

How Are We Doing it Now? 

•Use simple but powerful benchmarking techniques to understand yourncurrent reality 

•Understand what needs to be tackled first 

•Bring this tool back to your organisation 

Creating an Approach to Sustainability 

•Brainstorm different approaches to sustainability from your museum’s perspective 

•Understand the different limitations and opportunities of each 

•Choose a powerful approach to bring sustainability into your museum 

How Strategy Creates Momentum 

•Lessons from organisational change on the importance of strategy 

•The limitations of NOT having a strategy 

•Using strategy to “connect the dots” of initiatives you may already be working on 


•Creating an effective goal-setting strategy 

•Using SMART goals 

•Setting up your accountability system 

Don’t forget-- your learning and support package continues after you leave the seminar:

You’ll receive a one-to-one strategy session with your trainer (a £150 value), and a follow-up teleseminar with all of the workshop participants (a £97 value). It’s a great way to ensure that you don’t lose any of the positive momentum gained in the course.

Should You Attend? 

Have you ever: 

  •  Felt like your museum’s sustainability strategy isn’t connected to its mission? 
  •  Had your organisation’s commitment to sustainability questioned by a  visitor, the press, or other important stakeholders? 
  •  Been asked for your sustainability policy on a funding application? 
  •  Wanted your museum to be seen as a leader in sustainability? 
  •  Wished your organisation was taking a more holistic and integrated  approach to sustainability? 

Would you and your museum benefit if you could: 

  •  Present a sustainability strategy that links clearly to your museum’s mission, vision and values? 
  •  Offer a clearly defined pathway to sustainability to your trustees? 
  •  Present the case that funders and government are looking more intensely at sustainability in the cultural sector? 
  •  Identify the approach to sustainability your organisation should take? 
  •  Have a strategy tool-kit which you could use internally? 

If you’ve answered YES ...this seminar is tailor-made for you! 

What will NOT attending this seminar cost you? 

In the short term, it may appear that there’s nothing much to lose by not attending. You’re a busy person, and it may be hard to justify a day away from your usual workday. Frankly, if you’re completely happy with your museum’s sustainability approach and results, you probably don’t need to attend this seminar.

But the fact that you’ve read this far indicates that you probably aren’t completely sold on your museum’s approach to sustainability. You might feel that your institution’s sustainability strategy doesn’t make sense. Or that time, money and effort are being wasted because your institution hasn’t connected the dots. 

Maybe you sense that you’re missing out on funding opportunities because you don’t have a clearly articulated strategy. Or you might have the feeling that you’re just skimming the surface and there is so much more you could be doing. 

Just one day at this seminar can provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to take your museum’s approach to sustainability to the next level. 

You’ll be delighted with this seminar. Register today.

What’s included? 

•You’ll receive individual coaching and feedback during the day. We are limiting registration of this course to ensure that your individual needs are met. 

•You’ll take home an invaluable manual that’s yours to keep - complete with information covered in the seminar, indispensable supplementary information, tools for use in your workplace, and plenty of room for your own notes. Everything you’ve learned will be right at your fingertips, ready for quick reference after the seminar ends. 

•You’ll receive a one-to-one strategy session with your trainer approximately one month after the seminar, a £150 value. You’ll be able to follow-up on your goals, check-in with any challenges you’re facing, and set new goals going forward. 

•You’ll be able to participate in a follow-up teleseminar with all of the workshop participants,a £97 value. You’ll share challenges and successes with a community of like-minded professionals. What could be more inspiring? 

Can’t attend on 18 September 2009? 

You can bring our programmes in-house

This seminar can be brought to your location, and customised to meet your specific training needs. Call us on 0207 55 88 234 or e-mail to discuss your requirements and find out about our other courses on sustainability in museusms. 

You can get the next-best thing

You can experience a virtual seminar-- a webinar. You’ll download the slides and audio, and get all of the same ideas and techniques as participants in the seminar. It’s almost like being there. You’ll also receive a comprehensive course manual, and your investment is only £137. Order your set today by calling us on
0207 55 88 234
 or e-mailing

5 reasons why you should choose Greener Museums Logo

for your training needs 

1.We’re not new entrants to sustainability. 

Rachel Madan, the founder of Greener Museums, has been working in the sustainability field since 1999. Her experience spans government, non-profit and corporates. This depth of experience is brought to you in our easy-to-understand yet rigorous training packages. 

2.We don’t talk techno-speak. 

Sure, sustainability is a complex subject. But we don’t expect you to be a scientific specialist or an engineer to understand our seminars. We believe in plain language training. Learning always happens best if you don’t have to learn a new language first! 

3.We’re specialists in working with museums. 

We take the best information from other sectors, but Greener Museums was founded to work with museums. We won’t force you to use a framework that was created for another industry just because it’s available. 

4.We don’t just provide information - we deliver the ability to put it into action. 

We don’t believe that listening to talking heads is the best way to learn. Sure, we want to provide you with some context and case studies--and we do. But we also give you tools and resources that allow you to apply that learning right away. Our continuing support after the course ends ensures your momentum doesn’t stop as soon as you return to work. 

5.We’re committed to your success because that’s how we measure our own success. 

We can only consider ourselves to be successful when we’ve helped you achieve the results you want. 

What are you waiting for? Register Now!

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