Øredev Knowledge Network - Seminar: Grails & Griffon

Grails & Griffon

For more than a decade the Java community has spawned thousands of frameworks. Having such a vibrant community is a good thing, but at the same time it means there are many technological decisions to be made on every project. Also these different frameworks must play together, which typically means a lot of configuration. Grails is a framework that attacks these problems, by picking a stack of well proven Java frameworks and glues them together with Groovy as language. One key concept behind Grails is the idea of "Convention over Configuration" and with Groovy as language this gives a very elegant, yet extremely powerful framework. This talk will introduce Grails from scratch and will mostly consists of live code examples to get a good start with the framework.

Where Grails focusses on web applications, Griffon targets desktop applications. While having the same conceptual ideas as Grails, Griffon is very different from Grails. Having written both desktop and web applications this comes as no surprise, since it is two very different things. Griffon aims at easing the notorious difficult issued with desktop application development such as data binding and threading. This talk will show the features of Griffon with coding examples.



Seminar will be held in Danish.

Understanding of Java is assumed.



Mads Brøgger Enevoldsen og Sune Sloth Simonsen, Jayway

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