Secrets of Google Advertising

Over 200 million people do searches on Google every day.  Google is the number one way Internet users search the Internet when they need to find a product or service they want to buy.  

During this lunch seminar our team of online marketing experts will share ways to lower your Google advertising costs by over 40% and increase Google sales by 60%.

In addition to a great lunch all attendees will receive a 50 page presentation detailing over 100 ways to advertise more effectively on Google. 

In just two hours you will learn how to:

  • Implement new strategies for finding the best keywords 
  • Write ads for Google that really work 
  • Create web sites that turn Google visitors into customers 
  • Substantially lower costs per click / lead
  • Get more qualified traffic from Google 
  • Acheive higher conversion rates on campaigns
  • Learn best practices to reduce your Google spend
  • Carefully track campaign success with Google Analytics
  • Use Google Advertising to improve your SEO efforts

Google9s system for advertisers was designed by hundreds of statiscal geniuses that wrote formulas to make the user experience good for visitors conducting Google searches. They also designed the system to make advertisers pay a premium.  Marketers need to be smart, really smart, when it comes to managing their Google campaigns in order to acheive long term success. 

We have helped manager over $50 Million of Google campaigns and we can show you how to lower your costs and increase sales from Google advertising.

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