PSFK Good Ideas Salon London 2009

On 30th January 2009, PSFK will host a day long Good Ideas Salon in London in association with The Guardian newspaper. For the event, PSFK will curate a collection of their favourite forward-focused innovators and thought leaders to discuss ideas in the fields of arts & culture, collaboration, design, digital, marketing, mobile and youth.

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PSFK will bring almost 30 speakers to present and participate in panel discussions. Confirmed speakers include:

Kevin Anderson \ Blogs Editor \\ The Guardian
Mike Butcher \ Editor \\ Techcrunch UK
Richard Banks \ Interface Designer \\ Microsoft
Coralie Bickford-Smith \ Designer \\ Penguin
Brett Booth \ Editor \\ MTV Sticky
Matt Brown \ Editor \\ Londonist
Pat Connor \ Vision Executive\\ BBC
Mark Earls \ Author \\ Herd
Jeremy Ettinghausen \ Director of Digital \\ Penguin
Piers Fawkes \ Trends Analyst & Founder \\ PSFK
Paul Graham \ Partner \\ Anomaly UK
Amanda Gore \ Trends Consultant 
Terry Guy \ Founder \\ Monorex\Secret Wars
Matt Hardisty \ Founder \\ AnalogFolk
Dan Hon \ Founder \\ Six To Start
Sophie Howarth \ Founder \\ School Of Life
Matt Jones \ Founder \\ Dopplr
Cameron Leslie \ Founder \\ fabric\matter
Jonathan MacDonald \ Senior Consultant \\ Ogilvy
Kate Moross \\ Designer
Colin Nagy \ Partner \ Attention
Colin Nightingale \ Creative Director \\ Punchdrunk \ Founder \\ Gideon Reeling
Jenny Owen \ Founder \\ Ruby Pseudo
Christian Nold \\ Artist
Justin Quirk \ Associate Editor \\ FHM
Nicolas Roope \ Founder \\ Hulger\Poke
Taryn Ross \ Founder \\ Urban Junkies
Eva Rucki \ Founding Partner \\ Troika Design
Jeff Squires \ Trends Consultant \\ PSFK
Simon Waldman \ Director of Digital \\ The Guardian
Paul Andrew Williams \ Film Director \\ Steel Mill Pictures



The Good Ideas Salon London will offer a series of approximately 5 talks and 6 panels. The agenda will include:

9.00 Doors Open / Registration

PSFK Founder Piers Fawkes welcomes the audience.

Mark Earls, author of Herd, will discuss the importance of gathering inspiration across categories, market sectors, and groups - and how to turn these insights into mass change.

What positive inspiration is growing out of London's creative renaissance? With one out of every eight Londoners working in a creative industry, the city is proving itself to still be one of the greatest places for creatives to live and work in the world. Led by moderator Matt Hardisty (AnalogFolk), a panel including Matt Brown (Londonist), Justin Quirk (FHM), Taryn Ross (Urban Junkies), and Paul Andrew Williams (Young British Film Director of the Year 2007) will explore what makes London tick, its multicultural environs - and what good ideas are coming out of the city that are exciting them today.

Eva Rucki (Troika) will provide insights into the philosophy and ideas behind Troika’s multi-disciplinary work, covering graphics, communication, art, product design and engineering, focusing on the iterative process employed in the development of their projects.

11.20 Coffee

How do we use design to bring inspired ideas to life?
Led by Amanda Gore (PSFK), a panel of leading minds from the creative community including Coralie Bickford-Smith (Penguin), Cameron Leslie (fabric/matter), Kate Moross, and Nicolas Roope (Hulger/Poke) will discuss how design can - and must - weave a story between an audience and a product, service and brand.


 How do good ideas in technology fare over time? Richard Banks (Microsoft) will discuss the afterlives of our technological objects (both physical and digital) and the ideas that emerge when we start thinking about possessions in the long term - as heirlooms that will live on after we're gone.

12.50 Lunch: Guests are invited to join James Cherkoff and Johnnie Moore in the Break Out Room for a discussion on how to turn Good Ideas into Good Work.

Designing for responsive communities: Artist Christian Nold will discuss how new, performative and embodied approaches to engaging our surroundings and those around us can create powerful change.

Growing mobile everpresence is unveiling new, exciting ways for us to explore, work, and play. Led by moderator Piers Fawkes (PSFK), mobile experts Mike Butcher (Techcrunch UK), Dan Hon (Six to Start), Matt Jones (Dopplr), and Jonathan MacDonald (Ogilvy) will examine the diverse opportunities developing at the intersection of mobile, location and the web.

Whether we know it or not, connecting to youth today requires fresh inventiveness and a different way of thinking. In a conversation led by Jeff Squires (PSFK), Brett Booth (MTV Sticky), Paul Graham (Anomaly UK), Terry Guy (Monorex/Secret Wars), and Jenny Owen (Ruby Pseudo) will discuss what defines British youth culture today and creative, effective ways companies and organizations can create authentic, respectful relationships with an increasingly savvy and skeptical generation.

3.30 Coffee

An introduction to brand new storytelling: Colin Nightingale, Creative Producer of Punchdrunk and Founder of Gideon Reeling, describes how he creates platforms for individuals to participate in their own entertainment, allowing them to be part of the story - as spectators, performers, and directors.

Collaboration within and across industries has never been easier. Colin Nagy (PSFK) will lead a discussion with Kevin Anderson (The Guardian), Pat Connor (BBC), Jeremy Ettinghausen (Penguin), and Sophie Howarth (School of Life), about the opportunities and advantages of working together for creative individuals, businesses, and brands.

Simon Waldman (The Guardian) will discuss the good ideas shaping - and saving - a rapidly evolving industry. He'll discuss the different ways the leading UK newspaper has established itself in the digital realm through opening their content and their sites to their communities of readers and users.

5.30 Closing Remarks with Piers Fawkes

6.00 Drinks


PSFK will be holding the event in the Guardian's new offices, Kings Place in London's Kings Cross.


Aiming to create a more intimate discussion, audience size is limited to 120 seats. Tickets are selling for the average price we sold them in 2007 – at £300. Use the form at the top of this page to purchase.

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Preferred rates have been negotiated by PSFK partner Mr & Mrs Smith.  Good Ideas Salon London attendees booking through Mr & Mrs Smith are being offered a discount at two London hotels.  Classic Queen Rooms at Brown's Hotel start at
£250 and single rooms at Blakes Hotel are starting at £135, including breakfast. 

To book these hotels at preferential rates, call the Smith travel specialist at 1.866.610.3867 or +44 208 987 6970 and ask for the PSFK discount at your choice of hotel. 

Mr & Mrs Smith are also offering all PSFK readers a complimentary BlackSmith membership which is valid for one year.  Members have access to life-enhancing extras, from champagne and free nights to late check-outs and room upgrades, when they visit any of their hotels.

Flip through these 50+ videos of the talks from previous PSFK Conferences including PSFK Conference London 2007.

Name Sales End Price Fee
One Day Conference Ticket   Ended £300 £4.95

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