Spring 2010 AMSA ARC Goggle Sales

Be A Medical Student for a Day at UCSF


-Do you want to experience what is like to be a medical student?

-Do you want to sit in a real medical school classes and experience the learning process at one of the top medical schools in the country?

-Can you imagine yourself there one day?

-Do you want to meet medical students from UCSF?


Then you must attend this all day event at UCSF School of Medicine where you will sit in classes with UCSF Medical students, hear lectures, attend small group discussions, participate in an anatomy lab, and watch a presentation from the director of financial aid, and a presentation from the Dean of Admission at UCSF! 

This is a once a year experience that it should not be missed. We will not be doing it again until 2011.


You can read about it here: http://amsaarc.org/activities/med-school-trip-narratives


Cost: FREE for 2009-2010 AMSA ARC members that volunteer 6 hours of fundraising. Lunch is included.


For more information to become a member please visit:




One Day during Spring Break 2010 [March 29, 2010-April 4, 2010] and determined on February 19, 2010. We will be at the medical school from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm.


This will be an exciting day. This is more than the typical one hour tour of the medical school. You will experience being a medical student and get a picture of what medical school is like at one of the top schools in the nation. We are going to spend the day at UCSF Medical School. We will sit in classes with medical students, talk to them, be in their small group discussions, get a tour of the school, talk to their faculty, meet the Dean of Admission, and be paired with medical students for the day.

This is a great opportunity to see what Medical School is like and talk to close to 200 medical students. Some of them were where you are today. As a matter of fact, we are being hosted by one former AMSA ARC Officer that is a first year student at UCSF School of Medicine



We expect you to be adults and behave like one. You are being invited to their classrooms, and their daily lives and we expect you to show them respect and gratitude for opening up their classrooms and lives to you. You will be sitting in classrooms with them. We expect you to be pay attention to the class, sit up straight, not sleep, not do homework; acts bored, or draw attention. If you are unable to follow the above statements, we ask you to not come. You will ruin the chances of us ever going back. We will also ask you to leave the premises if this occurs.

The policies above are NOT open for discussion.

We are also sorry that we have to take the time to write this, because in the past, people have acted this way on our trips, and we have not been invited back.


We will meet at American River College at 6:00 am on a bus to UCSF Medical School. You cannot meet us at the medical school, because we are going to a pre-designated area. Even if you live across the street from UCSF Medical School, you have to come with us from ARC and be part of our group.


Dress Code:

We expect you to dress appropriately and professionally. You don’t need to wear a suit, but we please wear something appropriate and professional. No t-shirts, jeans, or clothes with holes in them. You are their guests, and the way you dress yourself, is how you appreciate them and how you represent us.

Here is an example:

Men: Slacks (no jeans), button up shirt, shoes (no sandals)

Women: Slacks or Skirt, shirt, blouse, and shoes (no sandals) .


How can you partake in this?

The only way you can participate in this program is that you are an AMSA ARC member, and you spend a minimum of 6 hours helping AMSA ARC fundraiser by selling goggles at the ARC Chemistry hallway during the weeks of January 16, 2010-February 3, 2010, the hours of 7:30am-9pm. You can choose your own hours (as available, on first come bases).


The cost is FREE for 2009-2010 AMSA ARC Members.

Please note that you do NOT have to be an ARC student to be a member. Membership is open to anyone that pays the $25 dues. We also do not have an attendance policy.



This opportunity is only open to ARC, SCC, CRC, FLC, Sierra, San Joaquin Delta, CSUS students, or any community college. We kindly ask UC Davis students not to join us, but to contact pre-med AMSA at UC Davis for their opportunity.




6am-8am                   Leave ARC and Drive to SF

8am-10am                 Lecture with UCSF Medical Students

10am-12pm              Small Discussion Lecture with Medical Students

12pm-1pm                 Lunch with UCSF Medical Students

1pm-3pm                   Anatomy Lab tour and lecture lead by UCSF Medical Students

3pm-4pm                   Presentation by Director of Financial Aid for UCSF

4pm-5:30pm             Presentation by Dean of Admission at UCSF School of Meidince

5:30pm-6:15pm        Tour of UCSF Medical School


To Register:

Again the only way you can participate is to volunteer for at least 6 hours fundraising during the weeks of January 16, 2010-February 3, 2010, the hours of 7:30am-9pm.

The hours don’t have to be continuous. You choose your own schedule and the hours you can work. Please arrive at the ARC Chemistry Hallway 5 minutes before your scheduled time to work and you will be given an instructions folder.

Please visit the link: http://gogglesales.eventbrite.com 



  1. Please only sign up for the time you CAN work. Double and triple check your schedule and commitments.
  2. Do not sign up and then e-mail us and say you cannot work at that time. We won’t be able to change the hours.
  3. We are counting on you, and we need you to be responsible.
  4. If you fail to show up for one hour, then you are automatically disqualified, regardless of how many hours you have worked.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. I really want to go, but I am busy and cannot volunteer. What can I do?

We understand your predicament, but everything that we do in AMSA ARC requires officers and members to help in order to make events and program happen. The hours are flexible, consisting of 6 days a week, 15 hours a day for 2.5 weeks. In the past officers and some members have spend close to 30 hours to do this and help the chapter.


2. What do I have to do?

It is very simple and easy. Students will come up to you and purchase goggles from you. There is also a folder that has all the instruction for you, and there will be officers there to help you. You can bring your books and school work and study while you work.


3. I don’t attend ARC, how can I do this?

We understand, but we can only sell goggles at ARC.


4. Can I just pay whatever the cost is to go?

sorry, but you can’t do that, and it won’t be fair to the people that could not afford it.


5. Why do I have to be a member to do this?

Well, we believe that everyone should be part of it to support us. Plus you get to participate in shadowing and other programs. The membership costs about the price of 5 trips to Starbucks. Anyone attending any school can be a member.


Got Questions?

Please e-mail info@amsaarc.org


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