GoGaRuCo Staff 2009

San Francisco is the birthplace of the web revolution. Ruby powers many new technologies, from websites to telephony and desktop applications. Now, at long last, San Francisco is host to the Bay Area'sown Ruby Conference!

Join us for two days of in-depth technical explorations of the most interesting parts of the Rubylandscape, presented by some of the top talents in the Ruby development community.

Registration is open now, priced at $199. Your ticket to Golden Gate Ruby Conference gets you the following:

  • Admission to two days of sessions
  • Lunch both days
  • Official Conference T-shirt
  • Event Swag Pack
  • Entry into event giveaway raffles
  • Access to any after-hours events

Payment is accepted via Google Checkout (preferred) and PayPal, and both means accept credit card. Upon completing your purchase, you should receive confirmations from both your Payment Processor and Golden Gate Ruby Conference.

See you there!



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