Get an Edge - Employed, Unemployed, Under Employed and Psychologically Unemployed - Technical and Professionals Boot Camp


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 7 Hour Boot Camp - Hardcore Tips & Gathered Facts Designed Only to Give You an Edge to Determine Your Next Employment or Source Of Income...Today 



 Foresee. Implement. Navigate. Drive. - Methodology


What you will learn:


     You will be able to clearly determine how to implement, navigate and drive your next move in this economy today as foreseen through a panel of experts including a Ex-Microsoft Staffing Professional secrets, A successful entrepreneur secrets, 2 local professionals in your  area and gathered facts you need to know that others simply won't tell you, but we will.

Who should attend:

     Employed, Unemployed, Under Employed and Psychologically Employed Technical / Professionals wanting to unravel, position, remove the angst and then use their current skills in today's economy. 

   What This Boot Camp is NOT ?

  1.  Unemployment orientation
  2.  Career Counseling 101 
  3. "Pie In the Sky" Theories about technical hiring but PROVEN ways to land a tech job
  4. Product Selling Event 
  5. Outplacement Firm information

But I’m jumping ahead. Let me tell you how this all came about:

How Did This Come About ?

     After completing a similar successful "Get An Edge Event" with professionals just like you over the course of 3 seperate full days in Seattle , Washington we caught the message.


"Help us find, implement, navigate, organize and drive us through this hell were going through"


Sample of  some advice I gave at the event mentioned above and statements:

  • You don't necessarily need a job but you do need income
  • When youre going through hell don't stop keep going right through hell
  • Anytime you get an offer with a sign-on bonus ask to get it grossed up, so if they offer 10k then have them figure up the taxes so you get 10k and not a taxed 10k.

Why did you add partners to the Boot Camp ?

     It was a no brainer for me because I can't have expertise in everything and though I spoke on the subject of going into business on your own my audience needed more depth so they could determine if going into business was the right move when they left my seminar.

     I clearly could'nt guarantee or provide secrets the way I can for professionals wanting to exploit the corporate hiring process and get an edge and command top dollar..FAST

 Why are you taking this  Boot Camp Across The Country ?

     Simple. I was asked by people all over the country that heard of the event I did in Seattle please come and help us.

     I don't understand, why not have the event over the internet to help more people at once ?

     In most cases over the Internet would work but the information, Q & A and expertise being delivered at this seminar needs to have a localized,regional and national perspective to actually determine what your next move should be.

In addition:

  • It would be virtually impossible to make the necessary impact for you to take immediate action if we had 50 people from every state at once
  • We can only mentor/coach a certain number of people at a time because you instantly become an alumni and we stay with you until you reach your goal, you deserve special attention
  • Our information is really confidential and questions in person will most likely produce more specific details to help you


Did you know that Riverside & Los Angeles rank 45 & 46 out of 50 most populous metro areas by job postings per capita with only 26 & 24 opens per 1000, and only 595 jobs over 100k in Riverside and only over 5000 jobs in LA over 110k ? -- You need an edge!!! click here for more



 80% of the best jobs aren't advertised - FALSE

If company ABC has a job that will accept H1-bs, has a contracts with the government (Microsoft, Google, Cisco, etc,etc,) which most great companies does, and most states require open positions to posted paying over 25k to be advertised to the public if external candidates are being considered it's the law.

 But don’t take my word for it regarding this event…


 Some topics covered at the event:

  • How employers view people who post on major job boards
  • How recruiters are looking for you
  • How to have recruiters calling you for open positions
  • What phrases you need to know to get a hire vote
  • Control your phone screens and weak recruiters
  • Are you really an entrepreneur
  • How to validate your business concept
  • Angels and demons, how to raise money from professional investors
  • 8 mistakes you want to avoid when you start your business


***Working lunch break**** This is a Boot Camp


   Investment in yourself includes: 

  1. Get An Edge handouts from speakersGet An Edge - CD with discussed how to templates and audio recordings
  2. Autographed Book “Breadcrumbs Manisfesto” Included for early bird sign-ups
  3. Autographed Book "8 Mistakes You Want To Avoid When You Start Your Business"
  4. 2 month membership to   
  • Access to Get An Edge "In Command Of You" job search tracking system - An online dashboard of ALL job search activities such as import open jobs, saved jobs, online resume & coverletter tool, calenders to dos, track companies, track phone screens, interviews and more all in a single application
  • Digital Library is where we give you what you want to know about regarding making top dollar and job landing success quickly including mp3 files of hiring managers conversations, offer negotiation tactics, interviewing secret phrases and other key phrases to get you hired.


    What this all boils down to is:

    Everything you’ve been doing collectively in your job search is FLAWED.


    Can you really afford to have the same results the rest of the year as you had in the spring and summer AND in the fall – NOTHING ?.

    Fact is:

    I’m a radical, renegade, very smart and tech savvy professional recruiter.

    All my connections in Fortune 100 companies and Startups involved in the hiring process are radical, very smart and are also renegade professional recruiters.

    We all have the same motto:  

     “The Best Candidate Experience Possible”

     What all this information means to you: 

    1. All resume referrals from me will always be reviewed by a human and responded to within 1 business day
    2. A well prepared and informed candidate for phone screens and interviews thus eliminating all hours of useless preparation time
    3. An edge over other potential candidates
    4. A recruiting expert helping you find a position AND that is interested in you finding the right job, not just the jobs the corporate recruiter or headhunter is responsible for and then dumps you later because you’re  not a fit. – With NO FEEDBACK, insulting and pisses you off,  right ?


     Listen, there’s more. Lots more and if you miss it, well let me leave it with you this way.

 If you get one new strategy from me then your investment in yourself was worth it.


Former Professional Microsoft Recruiter - Former CEO Professional Headhunter Firm

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Get An Edge - Boot Camp (Los Angeles - Riverside Area) Ended $497 $9.95

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