get2gether at the RSA: on Loneliness

Join us for the first in our series of get2gether events that introduce areas of interest and frame real social needs in the run up to the 2gether Festival in July 2009.

2gether is a network of people passionate about enhancing the quality of public life and collective well being through the use of technology.  Social technologies offer many opportunities to help us tackle the challenges we face at the outset of the 21st Century.  However, conversations about these technologies need to be complemented by examining the very human aspects of relationships and our connection to one another.
This breakfast will explore Loneliness and ask:
- What is loneliness?
- What is the impact of social technology on our sense of connection and belonging?
- What are the consequences of relying on technology to replace human interaction?
- How can we use social technologies to develop, rather than erode, our social capital?
The morning will feature a mixture of leading researchers, interesting thinkers, curious listeners and inspiring doers sharing their experiences and developing ideas in the lead up to the 2gether Festival.

In collaboration with the RSA Fellowship there will be a series of 3 breakfast get2gethers, all focusing on aspects of the human emotions and relations our connectivity is dependent upon.

Put the date in your diary and sign up to the event here.

The Speakers include:

Mima Cattan is the co-director of the Centre for Health Emotion Research at Leeds Metropolitan University with vast experience of research relating healthy ageing, mental health promotion and particularly around issues relating to loneliness in later life. She is the editor of the forthcoming book called Mental Health and Wellbeing in Later Life, published by Open University Press.

Dan Vale and Beth Watts are Research Asssociates at The Young Foundation working on the mapping unmet and emerging needs in Britain project. Mapping emerging and unmet needs is a two-year research programme, aiming to develop new insights into how Britain's unmet and emerging needs can be prioritised and met. This study aims to profile hidden and emerging needs in a new way, combining large scale quantative and imaginative local qualitative research.

Alice Osborne is head of engagement at thinkpublic and last year embarked on The Nan Project.  An exploration of creating more meaningful connections by expanding experiences as well as finding equality and shifting expectations in intergenerational relationships. Her film and stories capture the importance of creating memories and meaning making.

Tessy Britton is Director of Thriving and an Associate Lecturer at Chichester University on their MA (Ed) programme. Tessy is a specialist at teaching about  emotions, cognition, learning and wellbeing, focused primarily at programme development in schools.

Naomi Alexander is a Social Entrepreneur with 15 years experience of working in community development. She is currently running a national campaign to reform the UK benefits system so that it supports community regeneration and has a new idea for a project that could tackle loneliness in today’s society; by bringing together the best of asset based community development with online social networking.


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