Green Building Capacity Crunch Forum

Cascadia will coordinate food and drink for the evening, we ask that all attendees kindly provide a $15 cash donation to cover this cost OR please contact me if your company / organization is able to sponsor food and / or drink for the evening. Wobbly pops and fermented fruit beverages are BYOB.


The goal of the next forum will be to come up with more and deeper solutions, and concrete actions and champions to set them up and start moving them forward! We will also hear from recollective regarding one proposal that, if funded, will begin to address some of the capacity issues identified last time.
Please come prepared to discuss the following questions:
  • Building on the brainstorming from the last forum, what are the key areas within British Columbia's Green Building cluster requiring immediate attention in order to address the capacity crunch:
    • producers (materials, reclamation, manufacturers)
    • providers (distributors / suppliers of building materials, architects / engineers / designers / planners / landscape architects, builders, sellers who connect with finished buildings and communities with the end users)
    • consumers (are the clients, individuals, companies, governments, and non-profit organizations that purchase finished buildings, construction/design services, and building materials from Producers and Providers.)
    • facilitators (organizations and governments that regulate, innovate, and educate the other parts of the cluster)
  • What actions are required to address these?
  • Are you or is anybody else doing it? If not, who should?


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