Hatchery Gauntlet - United Kingdom


The Gauntlet is a forum in which start-ups, investors and corporate America converge, and has been likened
to American Idol meets Venture Capital.
It is an interactive platform at which emerging start-ups and developing companies present their ideas and
themselves to a high-caliber audience and expert panel
Each Gauntlet is assigned a theme relevant to a particular industry vertical, such as mobile applications,
interactive advertising, financial services and the social web.
A team of Hatchery experts review submissions and applications from the pool of emerging start-ups and
early-stage companies, months prior to the events.
Three presenters are chosen in line with the respective Gauntlet theme to appear before the panel of experts
and general audience.
The expert panel participants are chosen for their level of experience and skill in each Gauntlet’s respective
General audience attendance is strictly invitation-only to ensure that the chosen theme is of relevance to the


Bessemer Venture Partners
Virgin Investments


Transforms any digital display media (videos, mobiles apps, banner ads, widgets, social network apps) into ecommerce.  Has raised $2.5M.


Collaboration platform for the Enterprise: combining online workspaces, live conferencing, project management and document sharing.  Has raised $5M.

Location based recommendation engine powered by a propriety algorithm.  Strong focus on mobile and handheld sector.  Has raised early stage round.

Name Sales End Price Fee
Gauntlet UK Ended $40 $1

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The Hatchery - Venture Collaboration in New York

Who's coming : Attendees for Hatchery Gauntlet - United Kingdom. Alan Bernstein; Anil Bhandari; Jeff Black; Thomas Blondet; Stephen Bluestein; Joseph Braunschek


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