Family Matters Conference

2009 Family Matters Conference

When: Friday, September 11, 2009, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Where: Medical City Dallas Hospital, Building E

What: Diversity Issues in Counseling

CEUs: Seven CEUs Available for LPC, LMSW, LCSW, LCDC


Scheduled Speakers:

Colleen Logan, Ph.D., Immediate Past President of American Counseling Association
Keynote: What the World Needs Now is Counseling, Yes Counseling!

Professional counselors are needed now more than ever to help individuals, couples and families cope with the current economic and social climate.  Dr. Logan will share her experiences and outlook regarding the unique challenges that our clients are facing and the numerous ways counselors can help make a difference one person at a time, one day at a time.  Counselors have the unique responsibility and opportunity to serve as social change agents, advocates and healers in these times of great change, chaos and fear.  Participants will leave with a greater sense of hope, buoyed by Dr. Logan's message and enthusiastic belief in the power of counseling.

Stephen Chock, Ph.D., Director of Training Baylor Institue for Rehabilitation 
Conducting Culturally Sensitive Assessments

Traditional protocols for intake assessments often compartmentalize cultural assessment by including a brief set of questions or a single section of the intake form.  Instead, this workshop will introduce participants to an approach that integrates culture throughout the assessment by addressing 1) intrapersonal cultural identity, 2) interpersonal and person-environment interactions, 3) client-counselor dynamics, and 4) cultural explanations for presenting concerns.


Brandy R. Schumann, Ph.D., and Annette Athy, Ph.D
Family Structure Sensitivity: How Family Make-up Impacts Treatment Approach and Relationships  

Working successfully with the non-traditional family requires a unique sensitivity to family dynamics. Through an experiential format you will learn developmental, social, and support needs required for promoting healthy functioning. Specific language use, design of paperwork, and techniques will be presented that you can apply immediately to improve your sensitivity to a variety of populations. These include families with grandparents as parents, adoptive parents, gay and lesbian parents, bi-racial families, single parent families, step-parents, and blended families.


Gay Thomas McAlister, Ph.D., Director of Supervision, SMU Department of Counseling
Culture of Poverty in Times of Affluence

A pervasive American belief is the value of work and the ability to pull onself up from poverty. Repeated studies reveal the fallacy of this myth and the daily struggles encountered by millions who live in the shadow of affluence. The poor have survival strategies unique to thier culture, as do the middle class and affluent. Learn some of the cultural characteristics that distinguish poverty, middle class, and great wealth.

Sandy Roland, Ph.D., Director of Assessment and Behavior Management, Richardson ISD
Cultural Diversity in Treating Families of Autictic Spectrum Children

Identifying children with autism spectrum disorders takes careful consideration, but the identification can be complicated when cultural diversity is included.   Once identified, cultural issues also play a part in which treatment strategies are utilized for the child.   Richardson ISD has 3 multidisciplinary autism assessment teams and additional specialists are included when needed to address cultural considerations.  This presentation will highlight the cultural considerations taken when identifying and treating children with autism spectrum disorders within the school.

Carlos Cruz, Senior Corporal, Dallas Police Department
Think About It - The Culture of Gangs
Carlos Cruz presents the challenges faced by parents, schools, communities and law enforcement officers who deal with juvenile gangs and drug dealers.  The modern day lawbreaker is younger, smarter, and better than ever at communicating through modern technology.  Training his audience in the recognition, identification, and historical aspects of gangs and gang mentality, Mr. Cruz shares his experience and advice on the modern dilemma of the Culture of Gangs.

Thomas L. Hartsell, Jr., J.D., Associate Director, Clinical Services Dispute Resolution at SMU
Ethics and Legal Issues
Mr. Hartsell will discuss several challenging situations confronting mental health professionals in their practices, including client selection and discrimination, suicidal clients, homicidal clients, clients that threaten the therapist, documenting harmful facts and behavior in a client's record, record retention and responding to subpoenas.  He will give practical advice to assist mental health professionals in safely and ethically handling these situations when they present themselves in their practices.

Generously Sponsored By:
Green Oaks Behavioral Health Center
Amberton University
Hickory Trail Hospital
The Oaks Treatment Center
The Right Step

Mental Health America of Greater Dallas
Galaxy Counseling Center

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