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Are you tired of cumbersome CD-based forms products like West Legal Solutions and HotDocs® only to find the form you need isn’t available?

Find out why 40% of the AMLAW 100 firms have made the switch to the industry leading Forms WorkFlow solution.

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Key Features

  • American LegalNet is the Forms “Official Publisher” for the State of California AOC
  • Complete state-wide and Judicial Council forms
  • 54 California County, Local and National Federal Forms Sets, Workers Comp, and Secretary of State Forms
  • CACI Jury instructions in MS Word format
  • Forms AutoFill capability
  • Real-time forms updating (web-based)
  • Compare West Legal Solutions and HotDocs® vs. Forms Workflow.com Now
"No one offers a product that’s even remotely close in terms of accuracy, service and ease of use."
Mary Anne Donaldson,
Arnold & Porter
"Because of the product's ease of use, the consistent manner in which the forms are updated, I would recommend Forms Workflow."
Jimmy Lam, B
Loeb & Loeb, LLP

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