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We often say history repeats itself. But this can possibly be reversed. Singapore Polytechnic (SP) will attempt to postulate the future and let it become history.

SP becomes a proud partner of the Singapore Design Festival once again after having a successful run of its partnership events in 2007. For the Singapore Design Festival 2009, SP has named its event "Future History". This will be presented as a thought-provoking and interactive Experience Trail created by SP’s Centre for Experience Design, an applied R&D centre whose specialty is to create unique and memorable experiences. This will be a history of the future but written in the present.

Like the proverbial butterfly in Mexico destined to create a tsunami in Japan, today’s emergent technologies are the seeds of tomorrow’s game-changers. Today we cast these technologies off on their chaotic trajectories like baby turtles in the surf, chancing upon the occasional gulfstream that will bolster them over market chasms, morphing exponentially beyond Moore’s and Metcalf’s Laws, and changing forever the face of humankind as we know it.

The Future History Trail at SP attempts to introduce the audience to some of the emergent technologies we are knowingly or inadvertently seeding today. These seeds will change the way we live in 2050, or even earlier. Instead of extrapolating the future, we prefer to place the looking glass squarely on the seeds we plant today and temper this observation with a premonition of the trajectories, permutations, intersections and interventions that these technologies will possibly encounter in their incredible journey across 40 years.

Future History will take place at InnoVillage @ SP. Visitors will boldly go on self-discovery journeys and experience Augmented Reality, Clean Energy, Advanced Robotics and many other emergent technologies. Utilising mobile guides powered by the latest Near Field Communications technology, the trail itself is a harbinger of a future history called an Internet of Things.

Thank your for your interest in the Future History Trail, the tickets for the trails are sold out.
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The Future History Trail will be available only upon online registration, no walk in registration.

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The Future History Trail at SP attempts to introduce the audience to some of the emergent technologies we are ... Future History will take place at InnoVillage @ SP.

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