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The Student Government of OCC, with support from College life, ICC, and the OCC Sierra Club, would like to invite you to participate in A National Teach-in called Focus the Nation” ON FEB.7TH 2007.  This initiative is coordinating teams of faculty, students and staff at campuses across the US, engaging a nationwide discussion about “Global Warming Solutions for America.” 

Please Register here to participate in Focus the Nation

 Orange Coast College’s Academic Senate has endorsed this initiative, and there are over 1000 schools participating in this National Teach-in. Orange Coast College is working to have the quad filled with Environmentally Friendly Products and Organizations, have an Environmental Justice Advocate by the name of Van Jones come and speak about his “Green Jobs for All” initiative, and hopefully have some of our local State Representatives participate. 

This is a National TEACH-IN day and we cannot do this without our educators.  We are asking teachers to participate by hosting a workshop or taking part in a roundtable discussion with other faculty on how Global Warming affects your discipline.   We are also asking teachers to spend 5-10minutes on Global Warming before they start their class, and endorsing a green curriculum program at Orange Coast College. 

Would you be willing to host a workshop or be a participant in a roundtable discussion with some of your colleagues? 

 If so, please email us at to schedule the workshop and time.

Another way for you get involved during Focus the Nation would be to spend 10-minutes talking about Global Warming and how it affects your discipline before all of your classes on FEB 7th.  This could take the form of an open class discussion, a brief Power point presentation, or a lecture.  

Would you be willing to spend ten minutes talking to students about how Global Warming will affect your area of expertise? 

 You can find out more about interdisciplinary education on Global Warming at  One of the long term goals of the SGOCC and the OCC Sierra Club, to come out Focus the Nation, is to help build a green curriculum at Orange Coast College.  The Coast Community College district would be a perfect place to offer certification programs in environmental studies, solar technician programs, organic horticulture, and various other educational opportunities.  These educational pathways will offer local skilled labor jobs for our students and create “green jobs” for our community.  Would you be willing to endorse this campus-wide initiative?

Thank you for your time and interest!  Please register and let us know when you would be available and what you would like to discuss! For additional information check out  

Below is a model teach-in plan, please look at the different options and see if any of the topics would be appropriate to your discipline. 


Thursday, January 31st, 2008
7:00 - 8:00 amBike/carpool contest.
8:00 – 9:00 amSession 1A: Obstacles to Change
  • Denial: Professor of Psychology
  • The Media: Professor of Communications
  • Technological lock-in: Professor of Engineering
    Session 1B: Climate and Social Justice
  • Local Impacts of Fossil Fuels: Member of the community
  • Global Impacts of Fossil Fuels: Professor of Anthropology
  • International Treaties and Equity: Professor of Political Science
    Session 1C: Changing the Climate for Business
  • How Business is Engaging: Local Business leader
  • The Sustainability Paradigm: Professor of Business
  • Changing Corporate Culture: Professor of Sociology
  • Session 1D: Apocalypse or Opportunity?
  • Climate and Collapse: Professor of History
  • Science Fiction Lenses: Professor of English
  • The Answer: 450 or 650 ppm: Professor of Environmental Studies
    Session 1E: Global Warming in (Your State Here)
  • Impacts: Professor of Environmental Science
  • Opportunities: Professor of Economics
  • Politics: Member of the State Legislature
    Session 1F: “Peak Oil” and the end of suburbia
  • Are we peaking?: Professor of Geology
  • Alternative Fuels: Professor of Environmental Studies
  • The End of Suburbia?: Professor of Film
  • Session 1G: Saving for the Future
  • Energy Efficiency on Campus: Facilities Manager
  • The 2030 Challenge: Professor of Architecture
  • Obstacles to Saving Energy: Professor of Economics
    Session 1H: Climate and the Law
  • Kyoto and Beyond: Professor of International Affairs
  • Can California Drive the US?: Professor of Law
  • What’s Up in Washington?: Professor of Political Science
    Session 1I: A Big Tent for Solutions
  • Faith Community: Professor of Religious Studies
  • Rural Development: Professor of Agricultural Studies
  • National Security: Professor of International Relations
  • 9:10 – 10:10 amSession 2A: Life Without Polar Bears?
  • Iconic Images: Professor of Art
  • Our Moral Future: Professor of Religious Studies
  • Habitat Protection?: Professor of Biology
    Session 2B: Local Responses
  • Food and Global Warming: Food Service Representative
  • The Campus Footprint/Campus Initiatives: Student analyst
  • Local & State Government: Member of the State House of Representatives
    Session 2C: Technology Revolutions. How Fast?
  • Tipping Points: Professor of Mathematics
  • Cell Phones and Solar Cells: Professor of Business
  • Creating a Culture of Cool: Professor of Psychology
  • Session 2D: Food and the Future
  • Agricultural Overview: Professor of Biology
  • Managing Water: Professor of Economics
  • Population, Climate, Food: Professor of Political Science
    Session 2E: The Global Warming Play
  • Student-produced theater about global warming.
  • Discussion leader: Professor(s) of Theater
    Session 2F: Different Countries, Different Responses
  • Country W: Professor of Foreign Languages
  • Country X: Professor of Area Studies
  • Country Y&Z: Professor of International Affairs
  • Session 2G: Wind Energy: Potential and Obstacles
  • Zero to Sixty in Twenty-Five Years: Professor of Economics
  • Cape Wind — Speed Bump or End of the Road?: Professor of Political Science
  • Blight or Beauty?: Professor of Art
    Session 2H: Faith and Climate
  • Roundtable including College Chaplain, and representatives from student faith organizations.
    Session 2I: Can we Get Paid to Save the Planet?
  • Learn Chinese: Professor of Foreign Languages
  • Science Journalism: Professor of Communications
  • Engineering is Sexy Again: Professor of Engineering
  • 10:20 – 11:20 amSession 3A: What About China?
  • Energy Needs: Professor of Environmental Studies
  • Domestic Pressures: Professor of Asian Studies
  • International Treaties: Professor of International Affairs
    Session 3B: Models: Future and Past
  • How Climate Models Work: Professor of Computer Science
  • Representing the Paleo-Record: Joint—Professor of Geology w/Professor of Art
  • The Future Economy: Professor of Economics or Business
    Session 3C: Beyond Gridlock: Social Movements
  • Gridlock is the Norm: Professor of Political Science
  • Social Movements: Is this one? Professor of Sociology
  • Shall We Overcome?: Professor of Music
  • Session 3D: The Century of Ecological Design
  • Building Like Nature: Professor of Art History
  • Modeling Ecological Systems: Professor of Computer Science
  • Manufacturing Like Nature: Local business leader
    Session 3E: Clean Coal? Nuclear Futures?
  • The student debate team presents Pro & Con for coal and nuclear
    Session 3F: The Ocean
  • Ocean Acidification: Professor of Chemistry
  • Ocean Sinks: Professor of Biology
  • Imagining Sea Level Rise. Professor of Communication
  • Session 3G: Solar Power: Magic Bullet?
  • Overview: Professor of Physics
  • Achieving Scale Economies: Professor of Economics
  • Imagining a Distributed Power Revolution: Professor of Sociology
    Session 3H: Can we Afford to Stop Global Warming?
  • Overview: Professor of Economics
  • Is This the Relevant Question?: Professor of History
  • Winners, Losers and Building the Coalition: Professor of Political Science
    Session 3I: We Can Do It!
  • Mobilizing for WWII: Professor of History
  • Landing on the Moon: Professor of Political Science
  • Closing the Ozone Hole: Professor of Environmental Studies
  •   11:30 – 12:50 pmAll college picnic (held in the gym?), featuring a “low carbon” menu, and student produced music and theater.
    1:00 – 2:00 pmSession 4A: Tipping Points—Climate, Politics, Economics
  • Abrupt Change: Professor of Geology
  • Social Movements: Professor of Sociology
  • Technology Revolutions: Professor of Economics, Sociology or Business
    Session 4B: Noah: Lessons for a Century of Extinction?
  • Metaphor: Professor of English
  • Waiting for signs: Professor of Religious Studies
  • Ark Design: Professor of Biology
    Session 4C: The “Addiction” to Fossil Fuels
  • Are We Really Addicted?: Professor of Psychology
  • Lessons from Cigarettes: Professor of Public Health
  • Changing Light Bulbs — Does it Lead to Voting?: Professor of Political Science
  • Session 4D: America’s Love Affair
  • Cars and Us: Professor of Psychology or Art
  • Less Car?: Professor of Sociology
  • Clean Car?: Professor of Economics
    Session 4E: Climate, Conflict, Refugees
  • Darfur: Professor of African Studies
  • India and Bengladesh: Professor of Asian Studies
  • New Orleans: Professor of Sociology
    Session 4F: Presidential Candidates Debate!
  • Students stage a mock debate between leading Presidential Candidates, and… Tony Blair
  • Session 4G: Geothermal Power
  • Overview: Professor of Physics
  • Local Potential: Professor of Geology
  • How It Costs Out: Facilities Manager or Local Businessperson
    Session 4H: Motivating Action
  • Art?: Professor of Theater
  • Morality?: Professor of Philosophy
  • Money?: Professor of Business
  • Media?: Professor of Communication
  • Leadership?: Professor of Political Science
    Session 4I: Diversity Shaping Solutions
  • Native Americans on the Front Lines: Professor of Native American Studies.
  • Black Leadership for a Just Transition: Professor of Sociology
  • Asian and Latino Connections: Professor of Area Studies.
  • 2:10 – 3:10 pmSession 5A: Climate and the Developing World
  • Gender Impacts: Professor of Women’s Studies
  • Disaster Relief: Professor of Public Health
  • Water in South America: Professor of Latin American Studies
    Session 5B: Footprints and Offsets
  • The College Footprint: Student Presenter
  • Air Travel—Alternatives?: Professor of Engineering
  • Offsets—Smokescreen or Helpful Fix?: Professor of Economics
    Session 5C: Ecological Tipping Points
  • Ice Sheet Collapse: Professor of Geology
  • Fire-driven Deforestation of the Amazon: Professor of Biology
  • Methane from Tundra and Oceans: Professor of Chemistry
  • Session 5D: Hurricanes: Katrina, Mitch… and beyond
  • Hurricane Futures: Professor of Atmospheric Science.
  • Mitch: Professor of Latin American Studies.
  • Katrina: Professor of History
    Session 5E:  Climate Solutions and the Poor
  • A “SkyTrust” Check for Everyone?: Professor of Economics
  • Transit: Professor of Engineering
  • Biofuels versus Food?: Professor of Political Science
    Session 5F: Faith and Climate
  • Roundtable including College Chaplain, and representatives from student faith organizations.
  • Session 5G: Dreaming Solutions
  • This session includes descriptions of “on-the drawing boards” solutions that excite the imagination. Options might include flying giant windmills in the jet stream ECONOMIST.COM, making biodiesel from algae grown on animal waste UNH BIODIESEL GROUP, creating portable, small scale wood-burning generators fed by forest thinning SPRINGER LINK,as well as the variety of “geoengineering” ideas in currency—always recognizing the potential for unintended consequences. 
    Session 5H:  Education for the Century Ahead
  • Rethinking Education in a Warmer World: Professor of Environmental Studies Will Educating Kids Educate Parents?: Professor of Education
  • Continuing to Focus the Nation: Member of the Focus Organizing Committee
    Session 5I: Young People Pushing the Limits
  • Roundtable discussion with leaders from the campus climate movement.

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