What can your FSB branch do for you?



Ask not

“What can your FSB branch do for you?”

but rather

What can you do for your FSB branch?


In order to maintain the momentum of successful and valuable events within our branch we need you to register your interest in contributing. Your contribution can be before the event, during the event or after the event. It can be in the form of expertise, kit, time or contribution on the day. Please let us know by  using one off the tickets above, they all have a built in questionnaire. If you cannot attend please use the ticket marked "No I can not attend, here's my QUESTIONNAIRE" and complet the short questionnaire. Your response does not imply commitment but rather a preparedness to support the work of your branch if your business schedule allows it. We will use this information to consider future events and will contact you to establish the availability of yourself, your services or resources before we commit you to anything.


We will be holding a planning meeting on the 9th June at Nicolini’s Restaurant on the Parade in Leamington Spa at 7pm with food, to consider the responses to this questionnaire and to plan the next 12 months events and activities. If you are interested we would be delighted to see you there making contributions with ideas for serving our members with stimulating and enjoyable events. Please let us know whether you will be coming and also complete the very short questionnaire.

Many thanks

David Hall



Name Sales End Price Fee
FSB Member Ended Free
Non-Member Ended £8 £0.5
No I can not attend, here's my QUESTIONNAIRE Ended Free

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