Learn how to have it all in 2009!!!!!!


May 29-30, 2009


“……. Make 2009 The Year of Change”


This conference is for women from all walks of life to gather together – empower, inspire and educate each other – and become “agents of change” in all aspects of their lives. This year’s conference theme, Learn how to it all in 2009, will seek to motivate women to pursue a lifelong journey of self-discovery and encourage them to strive to be who they are .


At this resourceful 2-day conference, you will be equipped with the things you need to make 2009 the year you take action and reclaim your purpose!


Join FREE to be ME Conference & Expo

You can expect:

To be apart of what has become a life changing forum for women, where some of the world’s greatest hearts and minds convene to empower women to find a common purpose, be united by a shared conversation, and see themselves as a collective.


This year, we will urging women to take time to explore their deepest aspirations, and we pray they leave the conference with a better sense of just who they are—and the power, knowledge, confidence & tools to regain what has been covered up or what we call “Silenced”.”


Start to find a cure for the "someday" disease by registering today!

http://www.freetobemeinc.com/  (go to conference page)

(This conference is designed for women! Expo for everyone!)


Free Expo

(must pre-register before May 26, 2009)
(must be 16 yrs or older to enter without an adult)


This exhibit hall is our answer to a call from women for more time to just be – whether it is to mingle casually, network for work, or shop around for items and experiences that will enrich their mind, body and soul. All of this can now happen only at The Free to be Me Expo.



ATTENTION ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are looking for you to nominate a woman that has inspired change in you or your community for a very special award and gift at this event. Please email us with her story and how she has inspired a positive change!

We are also looking for singers and new women authors!

Email: info@freetobemeinc.com 



Name Price
Free to be Me V.I.P Registration   $150
Free to be Me General Conference Registration   $80

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