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Freestyle Kayaking  
Have you ever watched other kayakers surfing waves, playing in rapids and holes and generally having fun showing off their skills? Are you interested in having a professional coach kick start your freestyle skills and help you fast track your learning curve?


Learn to playboat like the pros with our team of experienced instructors who stay on top of the latest freestyle kayaking moves and equipment.  We teach these courses at a number of locations throughout the country.

Goal of the course:

To introduce beginner to intermediate kayakers to the skills of freestyle and to help each student progress beyond their skill plateau by polishing up on fundamentals and then taking them through a logical progression to learn the basic freestyle moves.

What will be covered?

After reviewing fundamentals on flatwater, we work on basic freestyle techniques in moving water.

  • Edge & boat control in a holes & waves
  • Bomb proofing your front & back deck rolls in moving water
  • Reading whitewater
  • Catching river waves & estabilishing a controlled front surf
  • Flat spin 360’s
  • Flatwater cartwheels
  • Wavewheels

Cost of this course is €40




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