FRAG-O-WEEN: a community paintball get-together

The time has been long overdue for the Idaho community to have an awesome community based paintball bash. It’s time to get together and have some fun! Celebration Park is the place to do this!  This event will concurrently hold a large scale scenario paintball game and a 10 man elimination based tournament.  Attendence is capped at 150 for the time being.

Scenario Paintball Games
Blast fools untill you’re pooped! We are starting early and going late.  We are setting up props including machine guns, land mines and a smoke machine.  Bring your own glow sticks if you are staying for night games. Team tokens will be given at random during registration. If you find others willing to swap, you are free to do so.

White Elephant 10-Man Tournament
Bring your coolest gifts and your fairest refs! Each participating team is to bring a prize package to give to the other winnings. First place picks first, second place picks second, etc.  The rhumor has it that there will be at least one good prize.  You'll have to come to find out!

What to Bring:
 - As much paint as you need (BYOP)
 - As much air as you need (BYOA)
 - A positive, helpful attitude; the people doing this event are workin' it for free -so give them some love
 - Your stuff to buy/sell/trade

What not to Bring:
 - Cuss Words; This is a family friendly environment
 - Manners -nuff said
 - Anything Dangerous or Discruptive (Asside from Paintball Gear)

Celebration Park -South of Melba, Idaho on the Boise River
5000 Victory Ln
Melba, ID 83641

Call for Volunteers:
We are looking for a few good creatures to help out with the organization of this event. We need help with logistics, props, repair and general manpower. If you think you have what it takes, please look for the volunteer. We are planning to have our refs work in shifts so that all can take part in the fun.  Volunteers will get free HPA fills.

More Info on the HELKAT Paintball Forum:
General Info/Discussion - This is the section of the HELKAT Paintball Forum where event related discussion is going on.
Volunteering - These free events don't happen without a little help from our friends
Tournament Team Declaration - Post your team or request to be added to an existing team.  Lots of room; come on in!

Other Links:
Map to General Area - Courtest of Google.  The games will be heald near the bridge and will.

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