How to get your people to DO something.

New Class: How to get your people to DO something.

This new, two-session teleclass, is for someone like Jason, who signed up an excited person 2 months ago, who bought in at $2,000. Then the guy made a few in-home presentations that didn't work, and called Jason and quit. Now he won't call Jason back.

In my last business, we had the highest retention rate in the company. We got people to stick.

In this class, I'll show you what we did to prevent unnecessary drop outs.

That's who this class is for. Someone who wants a STEP-BY-STEP PLAN that can be used from the day you sign up a new person, or restart an existing one who almost faded.

Yes, even in today's skeptical marketplace.

Special: I'll do a two week follow up with participants for two sessions on the house, for those who are following the path in class.Times and days will be the same as the class you choose.

WHEN: Tuesday and Thursday evening, May 16 and 18.

TWO SECTIONS: DAY and EVENING. Select one below.

Day Section (both days):


Evening section (both days):


90 minutes each session.

Sign up for the DAY or EVENING section.

Choose with or without class CD (2-3 CDs and might include a cribsheet for working with your people).

We'll record the class live, and edit it, of course.

A few topics


How to prepare yourself for a new rep. How to adjust your expectations depending on how ready you both are to go the first steps together.

-Interview Questions at sign-up. Choose the path and business plan together based on their responses.
-How to explain the Pay plan in 3 minutes or less in words a 10 year old can understand.
-Does your pay plan quack like a pyramid?
-How to help a little banana (nylon woman seeking $200-500/mo) versus a bigger banana.
-Source materials to help you and your new baby


How to prepare the new rep for the world out there:

-the role of world views and how find people whose beliefs match hers about what she's marketing
-How to limit access (gently) to those who'd drive her away
-How to help him develop his personal, authentic story
-How to set up and conduct practice sessions before the real thing
-How to go 2 by 2
-How to use ONE Buddha approach which kept his organization going for 2500 years
-How to develop belief and self confidence when they don't have any yet.


If you'd like the 2-CD set of the class, choose that option below. We may include some of those interview questions, depending on what is most useful.

CD program will sell separately for $79. You can have it here for $30. Because you are taking the class. Expect about 10 days for the CDs to ship after the last day of class, May 18, 2006.

Class: $99 for two sessions, either DAY or EVENING.

Class WITH CDs: $129. Shipping outside the US extra. Within US, shipping's on us.

This program is for someone who has always wanted to help their babies, but never knew what to do. If you know you could help good people stay the course, if you only knew what to do, this is your program.

NOTE: The email you get to confirm the class will NOT HAVE THE RIGHT times or dates because this announcement is for two classes and the system gets confused. USE THIS PAGE FOR CLASS TIMES AND DAYS. Fondly,

Kim Klaver

P.S. Do not pay attention to the TIMES you'll get in your confirmation email.
Only pay attention to whether you see you signed up for the DAY or EVENING section.

The times of class are those STATED HERE IN THIS DESCRIPTION.
So print it out, ok?

My office: Gwen 800.595.1956

Name Sales End Price Fee
How to get them to DO something: DAY SECTION, NO CDs 5.16,18.06   Ended $99 $2.48
How to get them to DO something: EVENING SECTION, NO CDs 5.16,18.06   Ended $99 $2.48
How to get them to DO something: DAY SECTION, WITH CDs 5.16,18.06   Ended $129 $3.23
How to get them to DO something: EVENING SECTION, WITH CDs 5.16,18.06   Ended $129 $3.23

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