Flinch Not and Give Back Not Implied Violence

Implied Violence will present a miniature scale of their new work, Flinch Not and Give Not Back. This piece was conceived and is being developed at Watermill for a world premiere slated for 2009 in Seattle, Washington. Flinch Not and Give Not Back uses Rilke’s “The Lay of the Love and Death of Cornet Christopher Rilke” and “Visions of the Heavenly Sphere” as source material, combined with concepts derived from theoretical physics concerning parallel and phantom universes, as well as mourn the pending extinction of The Shakers.

Flinch Not has quickly become Implied Violence's most intricate and challenging piece of work to date that will become a large-scale twenty-four hour work of experimental theater. Its narrative structure will juxtaposes dramatic time with notions of infinity, as well as use a constant “other” that intrudes into the space.  It caters to both collective and individual audience experiences, utilizes intricate and ornate costumes that inhibit mobility and allows for remote locations to force their way into the performance.

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Implied Violence: Flinch Not And Give Not Back on Vimeo

On October 25, Implied Violence presented a miniature scale of their new work, Flinch Not and Give Not Back. This piece was conceived and is developed at Watermill ...


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