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Publication Date: February 2011

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Are you trapped in a fairy tale?

Create  your own Happy Ending!


Recognize and release your

self-sabotage MO

and fly into your Dream!


Online Course

with live guidance by Maria Mar!


What women are saying about FlightDream


“This is the best gift I could have given my daughter.”


“I am so glad that my mom brought me.”


“This is the best thing I’ve done for myself in months.”


“All the things you showed, I was ‘Yeap, that’s me!’”


“I can’t wait ‘till you get the CD out. Your voice guiding us through the Power Walk and meditation helps a lot.”


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What women are saying about the Bewomaning Experienceä


“This is the first time I encounter a system based on my female experience and sensitivity, on what happens to me in my life as a woman.”


I've gone to many personal growth conferences, some of them very expensive. But I had never heard principles and received power tools that were so organic to me as a woman.


I liked Maria Mar. You know how you look in the mirror and you see what you look like? The things she explained helped you understand a lot about yourself. Things that you would ordinarily not even think about. It was very enlightening to learn about me.


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How you loved those Fairy Tales your mom told you at bed time! You wanted to be the princess. You identified with poor Cinderella. You wanted to free Rapunzel. You cried for Snow White and cheered the Ugly Duckling in his journey.


Storytelling is one of the primary ancient pathways used by women throughout time to pass on knowledge. Through time, however, the keys to understand the old stories have been lost, and the stories have been re-interpreted in ways that disempower women.


The keys to understand the stories, and to understand women's pathway to power are still locked in those stories, however. I have created this system to help you unlock that wisdom and break free from your Self-sabotage MOs.


Locked in those immortal fairy tales is ancient wisdom that needs to be decoded, else you will live trapped in a fairy tale gone bad. The FlightDream system helps you understand the archetypal wisdom in each of six major fairy tales that concern women today. It helps you understand how you've been playing Cinderella, how you are identifying with the Ugly Duckling, or how you are creating drama with your seven dwarfs, trapped in the Snow White story. It then helps you use the empowering elements in each story to break free from the roles you have learned and your habitual self-sabotage MOs.


  • Are you unknowingly sabotaging yourself?

    Do you know how you are sabotaging your own success?

  • Do you feel trapped in the same type of relationships, situations or behaviors, but don't know what the patterns are or how to change them?

  • Are you tired of blaming circumstance or others for your problems and ready to face how you create the obstacles to your own dreams?

  • Do you want to let go of self-sabotage and move forward to create the life of your dreams now, in peace and joy?


Then I've created a digital course that will allow you to recognize and release your self sabotage, and I will be there personally to help you along the way.

No obligation to purchase or pre-payment.



The FlightDream Online Course (Version 1.0) allows you to evaluate your self-sabotage MO using a downloadable, easy to use Self-evaluation Workbook. This  workbook lists and describes 6Self-sabotage MOs that trap women in old Fairy Tales, sabotaging their dreams and success. Once you choose the Self-sabotage MO you want to work on, you get a handbook and audio that helps you to release your Primary Self-sabotage MO, an email consultation with me and live monthly meetings with me to free yourself from your self-sabotage.


I've spent more than 20 years in a full time, in-depth exploration of the emotional and spiritual obstacles women have to their success, manifestation and prosperity.


I have already helped thousands of women in the USA, South Africa, Mexico and other countries. Now you can have my healing presence in the privacy of your home.


I am a storyteller, a shaman and spiritual teacher and a life coach. This unique blend allows me to help you dive deep into your psyche easily and quickly, bringing to the surface of your consciousness the hidden beliefs and emotional attachments that keep you trapped in self-sabotaging patterns.


I believe that healing is tough enough and we should make it as passionate, fun and exciting as possible. That's why I use my creative store of arts and crafts projects to help you have fun while you transform those self-defeating patterns into fresh, self-supporting behavior.


Discover theLimits of Perception that are keeping you trapped in self-defeating habits. The FlightDream Online Course helps you to open your eyes to your possibilities, so that you can fly into your Dream.


No obligation to purchase or pre-payment.


Recognize and release

your self-sabotage strategies


The FlightDream System

FlightDream is a
unique system created by Maria Mar.
Not found anywhere else in the world.


Migdalia Santiago

Migdalia Santiago

Mother and Social Worker


Migdalia had been trying to write a book for years, but had almost given up when she first took the FlightDream Live Workshop. She immediately manifested a scholarship, a trip she had dreamed with her entire life and a raise in salary. Migdalia continued with the Advance FlightDream Coaching Program. Then she worked on the development of her own healing system and her book during the Advance FlightDream and WritetoDream Coaching Program and is now coming out as an expert, with her own website and services.


Another woman who has manifested her dream thanks to Maria Mar!


And now... listen to Migdalia in her own, sweet and powerful voice!


Hear Migdalia talking!

"Maria Mar is a wonderful shaman who is helping me to change my life. She teaches wonderful tools that I can use to reach my dream, like Sacred Space, the Breath of Life and theBodyWalk and the Dragonfly Diva Journey. These tools are helping me to to feel good about myself and to reach my dreams with love and peace... The material... is a great tool that helps me to identify parts of my behaviors that were sabotaging my dream. She is amazing!"

Migdalia Santiago

Mother and Social Worker


No obligation to purchase or pre-payment.


Take the Self-evaluation sample!


Are you  always taking care of others, giving abundantly, but unable to receive? Do you try to give others what you don't have?

Then you are playing Cinderella, but your queendom won't come until you receive the help of Fairy Godmother Maria Mar!


Are you hiding your gifts from the world? Do you remain backstage or make yourself invisible?

Then you are playing  Rapunzel. Take the long braid of resources that Maria Mar extends, and shine in the world.


Are you juggling seven things at once, always swept in some drama or soap opera that serves as a great excuse not to change or manifest your dream?

Then you are Snow White, with seven dwarfs that help you sabotage yourself, keeping you small. Turn them into allies and occupy your full stature in the world.

Do you go crazy doing more and more, but never feel it's enough? 

You are playing Ugly Duckling. You feel insufficient, because you have forgotten that  you are a majestic swan. Reclaim the beauty of your grace with the help of the FlightDream Online Course.



No obligation to purchase or pre-payment.


The FlightDream Online Course



The FlightDream Online Course (Version 1.0) allows you to evaluate your self-sabotage MO using a downloadable, easy to use Self-evaluation Workbook. This  workbook lists and describes 6Self-sabotage MOs that trap women in old Fairy Tales, sabotaging their dreams and success.


How the course works


STEP 1: Immediately

Download and read the Self-evaluation Workbook


When you purchase the online course, you get the Self-evaluation digital workbook and the Email Consultation Guide.


STEP 2:First month

Send your Consultation Email


Once you recognize your particular Primary Self-sabotage MO, you use the Email Consultation Guide to email Maria Mar the Self-sabotage MO you want to address and to communicate your situation. If you are not sure, you can follow theEmail Consultation Guide to share how you feel and what's happening in your life. Maria Mar will identify your Primary Self-sabotage MO for you.

STEP 3: First month

Receive personalized guidance


In reply to your consultation email, Maria Mar sends you an email consultation reply confirming or re-framing the Self-sabotage MO, with personal, specific recommendations and readings to help you gain new insights into the way your sabotage yourself.


You will know exactly how you are playing the Self-sabotage MO in your life and what beliefs or fears may be keeping you from releasing the self-sabotage.


STEP 4: First month

Receive The FlightDream Course


Maria Mar will also send you a link to download yourFlightDream Course. You will receive:



1. A FlightDream Handbook for your unique Self-sabotage MO.


The digital handbook includes detailed description of theSelf-sabotage MO, its sources and how to transform it into an Emotional Stream of Affluence. This process allows you to find the power inside your Self-sabotage MO and use it to your advantage.

2. A fun Arts and Crafts Alchemical Project that allows you to initiate deep, magical transformations in your life using the arts.


4. A guided meditation audio that helps you release your self-sabotage at an emotional and energy level.



STEP 5:2nd to 4th months

Personal guidance from Maria Mar


You can now work independently to understand, release and transform your Self-sabotage MO. During the next months, you will:

  • Study the handbook as a manual to recognize your daily behavior

  • create the fun arts and crafts project and

  • listen to the accompanying meditation audios every day.



Combine this with Maria Mar's live presence via the three monthly discussion groups. Ask your questions to Maria Mar in the small group sessions, your privacy protected by your FlightDream unique name.


The groups include a maximum of 15 women , so that ample individual time is given to each person. They are recorded, so that you can benefit from each session, even if you miss one.

In four months, you will be able to:

  • recognize when you engage in the self-sabotage MO

  • stop it before it gets a hold of you

  • shift your attention to the new practice

  • release the old vibrational frequency

  • let go off old emotions and beliefs that are creating the self-sabotage MO

  • generate a new vibrational frequency to attract what you desire, and

  • cultivate a new feeling of wellbeing and joy that feels oh, so good

  • see your life changing and your dream becoming a doable, achievable goal.


You will soon transmute the old self-sabotage MO into an Emotional Stream of Affluence that allows you to attract and receive the success you need.


STEP 6 (Optional)

Second Level Course

Sometimes when you are dealing with your Primary Self-sabotage MO, you realize that it's linked to a second Self-sabotage MO. Maria has designed a Second Level Course so that you can deal with this.

If you recognize a Secondary Self-sabotage MO, repeat the process with a three-month Second Level Course. You will receive another email consultation, handbook for the Secondary Self-sabotage MO, art project and audio, and live guidance, until the Secondary Self-sabotage MO is also released.



$50 off the Second Level Price!


No obligation to purchase or pre-payment.


The FlightDream Online Course is a unique chance to track down the learned habits and beliefs that take away your personal power and your Dream.


  • It allows you to achieve this in the privacy of your home, working at your own pace while at the same time finding live expert guidance and group support.


  • Stop sabotaging yourself, selling yourself short, making yourself invisible and wasting your own time.


  • Manifest your dream, increase your prosperity and unleash your potential.


 Specially designed for women. Women Only Groups.


No obligation to purchase or pre-payment.




The FlightDream Self-evaluation Workbook


The PDF-formatted 50-page digital workbook allows you to print it for easier reading, and includes:

  • Description of the 6 roadblocks to a woman's dream and success.

  • Information on what self-sabotage MO is creating each  roadblock.

  • Insights on how each self-sabotage MO traps women in a Fairy Tale. Maria uses archetypal fairy tales to help you easily access the socialization, hidden beliefs and emotional patterns behind your self-sabotage MO.

  • Stories and reflections to help you understand the MO and its effect in a woman's life

  • Self-assessment tool for each MO.

  • Advise on Release, letting you focus on one thing you need to release to free yourself of the sabotage.

  • Psychic Keys: questions for journal writing and conscious living.

  • Insights on theShadows and hidden beliefs operating behind each MO.

  • Inspirational quotes


A $20 USD value!


The FlightDream Email Consultation GuideMaria Mar self-portray caricatureand Email Consultation


This guide includes questions and items that serve as a guide for your personalized email consultation with Maria Mar. It helps you include the right information so that Maria Mar can quickly track down your Self-sabotage MO and help you discover how you are using it in your life right now. Maria Mar will respond to this email with a personal guidance email.


A $150 USD value!


FlightDream Self-sabotage Handbook and audio

Your Self-sabotage Handbook includes detailed description on the Self-sabotage MO, the roadblocks it creates to your dreams and how you are playing out the Fairy Tale. It also includes:


  • Full description of your Self-sabotage MO,
    including behavior, possible sources
    and what to do.

  • Alchemical Arts & Crafts Project to help you transform your self-sabotage MO into an Emotional Stream of Affluence.

  • Audio meditation guided by Maria Mar to release the MO.

A $50 USD value!






BONUS ONE: When you pre-order



You can pre-register and obtain the free ebook


The Empty Hands

Psychic Key to Transform Crisis into Affluence

Free ebook with your pre-registration


BONUS TWO: When you purchase

The Female Secrets

in the Law of Attraction

Audio Series



Three audios and ebooks with guided audio meditations by Maria Mar. These practices will help you release the old vibrational frequencies and create a new emotional and vibrational tapestry that will transform your world.


It includes:

Series No. 1 offers 3 audios and 3 ebooks that guide you through three powerful journeys of manifestation:


The Sacred Vessel: Harness the Power of Receptivity. Maria Mar guides you in the process of cleansing your subtle body and opening a space to magnetize your desire.


Gestate your Dream: Use your WombPower to Birth your Dream. Maria Mar explains what your WombPower is and guides you in a meditation to magnetize the seed of your dream into your Psychic Womb, so that you can harmonize with it and feed it into solid reality.


Shifting the World: Powerful practice used by shamans and Spiritual Warriors to align themselves with their desire, quickening manifestation.


  • Easily downloadable

  • In the healing voice of artist-shaman Maria Mar

  • Ebooks describe the practice and instructions in detail.


A $30 USD value!



A total value of $250 USD


for the amazingly low price of



No obligation to purchase or pre-payment.



One-time payment

Installment Plan


Self-sabotage Mo


4 easy payments of



Second level

(Secondary Self-sabotage MO)




Includes another

Email consultation, handbook and 3 monthly coachings!


3 easy payments of



Product available by Fall 2010.

No obligation to purchase or pre-payment.



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