IIFF Vancouver Townhall Meeting (May 2009): Networking & Education for Filmmakers & Financiers


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IIFF/PNW Townhall Meeting at Vancouver Film School in Downtown Vancouver –
Where Film & Finance Meet to Succeed Together

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The Pacific Northwest chapter of the Institute for International Film Financing (IIFF) continues its successful series of monthly gatherings at the junction of film & finance with another special Townhall Meeting in Vancouver. Our friends at Vancouver Film School are again hosting us at their Main Theatre in the centre of the city, conveniently located near Waterfront Station.

This "grassroots" community get-together is designed to foster & inform productive relationships between attending professionals and to provide unbiased insight & education about the business of film (and film financing in particular). The event features a powerful roster of highly topical speakers from the filmmaking and financial industries. We are delighted to welcome real-world financiers among our guests for the evening!

IIFF's one-of-a-kind mission is to sustainably expand the scope & appeal of film financing, and to do so for the benefit of the public at large. True to our proven motto of "democratizing film financing," IIFF's regular Townhall Meetings bring together a wide array of professionals from relevant backgrounds in film, finance and beyond for a vibrant evening of insightful presentations and speeches, inspiring discussion and focused networking. Past meetings (e.g.: January '08 Bay Area Townhall in San Francisco, CA, January '08 Los Angeles Townhall in Venice, CA & January '08 New York Metro Townhall in Manhattan | December '07 Bay Area Townhall in San Francisco, CA, December '07 Los Angeles Townhall in Santa Monica, CA, December '07 New York Metro Townhall in Manhattan & December '07 New England Townhall in Providence, RI | November '07 Bay Area Townhall in San Francisco, CA & November '07 New England Townhall in Norwalk, CT | October '07 Los Angeles Townhall in Santa Monica, CA, October '07 New York Metro Townhall in Manhattan & October '07 New England Townhall in Boston, MA | September '07 Los Angeles Townhall in Santa Monica, CA & September '07 New England Townhall in Norwalk, CT | August '07 Los Angeles Townhall in Santa Monica, CA & August '07 New York Metro Townhall in Manhattan | July '07 New York Metro Townhall in Manhattan & July '07 Los Angeles Townhall in Santa Monica, CA | June '07 New York Metro Townhall in Manhattan | May '07 New York Metro Townhall in Manhattan & May '07 Bay Area Townhall in Mountain View, CA | April '07 New York Metro Townhall in Manhattan & April '07 Bay Area Townhall in San Francisco, CA | March '07 New England Townhall in Stowe, VT, March '07 Bay Area Townhall in San Rafael, CA & March '07 New York Metro Townhall in Manhattan | February '07 Townhall West in San Francisco, CA & February '07 Townhall East in New York City | January '07 Townhall in Santa Cruz, CA | December '06 Townhall East in New York City & December '06 Townhall West in San Francisco, CA | October '06 Townhall in New York City | September '06 Townhall in Oakland, CA | July '06 Townhall in Palo Alto, CA | June '06 Townhall in San José, CA | May '06 Townhall in San Francisco, CA | April '06 Townhall at Stanford business school) have reliably delivered useful insights into the business of film, provided valuable networking opportunities, and managed to draw large and enthusiastic crowds.

Who should attend? Entrepreneurs, technologists, attorneys, bankers, investment managers, venture capitalists and other non-film professionals are cordially invited to learn more about independent film. Are you considering taking an active role in film or would you like to expand your current involvement? Don't miss this opportunity to connect with the like-minded… Established and aspiring filmmakers are, naturally, more than welcome to join us as well!

The evening's five presentations & panel discussion will address key issues relevant to filmmakers, financiers, and anyone interested in the economics, business mechanics, and financial dynamics of film. They will be followed by Q&A time. Attendees will also have ample opportunity to interact & network with our distinguished presenters and panelists and amongst themselves.

An informal après-meeting celebration will take place at an area restaurant.

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Featured Moderator:

The event will be moderated by Greg Moleski (bio), who helps run the Pacific Northwest chapter of the Institute for Int'l Film Financing (IIFF) and organizes IIFF's monthly Film Financing Townhalls in Vancouver, BC.

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Meeting Venue:

Vancouver Film School (VFS)
Main Theatre
420 Homer Street (btw. Hastings & Pender St.)
Vancouver, BC V6B 2V5
(604) 685-5808

Map: See a map of 420 Homer St. at Ask, Google, MapQuest, Windows Live or Yahoo.

Our Host:

This Townhall Meeting is graciously hosted by the world-renowned Vancouver Film School (VFS), a leading private entertainment arts school located in downtown Vancouver. VFS trains students in 13 immersive, production-oriented programs across every aspect of the entertainment arts, including filmmaking.


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  6:00-6:30 PM ... Registration, Networking & Welcome
  6:30-7:30 PM ... Three Featured Presentations with Q&A (3x 20 mins)
  7:30-7:45 PM ... Networking Break I (15 mins)
  7:45-8:45 PM ... Two Featured Presentations with Q&A (2x 30 mins)
  8:45-9:00 PM ... Networking Break II (15 mins)
  9:00-10:00 PM ... In-Depth Q&A Session with Panel Discussion (60 mins)
10:00+ PM ... Community Time at Area Restaurant

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Program Details:

1) The Future of Movies: What Producers & Investors Must Know About Integrated New Media Platforms — by Colleen Nystedt (bio) »

2) High Noon at the Digital Revolution: Emerging Strategies for Successful Film & TV Production & Distribution — by Brad Danks (bio) »

3) Surviving as an Independent: Where the Development & Production Dollars Are Right Now — by Elvira Lount (bio) »

4) Slumdog Dreams: A Look at the Burgeoning India Co-Production Scene — by DJ Parmar (bio) »

5) Hollywood Profits: Quantitative Drivers of Motion Picture Profitability — prepared by Thomas Trenker (bio) » & presented by Greg Moleski (bio) »


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Speaker Bios:

– Colleen Nystedt (topic) is the Founder, President and CEO of MovieSet, an online platform that creates social networks around movies while they are in production. Created by filmmakers, MovieSet provides fans with behind-the-scenes access to the filmmaking process. It helps identify and communicate with target audiences sooner, and monetize this unique value proposition through advertising and ancillary revenue streams including mobile digital downloads, merchandise sales, e-auctions of props and memorabilia, and product placement. Colleen is responsible for creating and driving the long-term vision for the company. She blends her extensive experience in film production, finance, business affairs and creative development to guide MovieSet. Colleen honed her entrepreneurial skills as the founder of New City Productions, which she built from scratch after working her way up the film production ladder. Since producing her first independent feature film in 1992, Colleen produced or supervised production on numerous feature films and TV movies for Universal, Paramount, MGM, CBS, NBC, ABC, USA, Showtime and Lifetime. Under her leadership as President and CEO, New City Productions became one of the most prolific production companies in Western Canada. She sold New City to a public company in 2000. In 2004, Colleen refocused her energies to the creation of MovieSet to bring together film production, marketing and distribution on the Web. MovieSet closed its A-round of venture capital funding in May 2008, led by Rho Canada, the Canadian venture arm of Rho Capital Partners of New York. Discovery Capital, which manages the BC Discovery Fund, syndicated the round in July 2008. Over the course of her career, Colleen has received numerous industry awards including Influential Women in Business 2009 (Business in Vancouver), Digital Media People to Watch in BC in 2009, Top 40 Under 40 for Entrepreneurship (Business in Vancouver), 13 Most Important People in the BC Film Industry (Financial Post), and YWCA Women of Distinction - Entrepreneurship. She is also a sought-after speaker and has presented on a number of panels on entrepreneurship and new media. Colleen holds a Bachelor's degree in Urban Geography from the University of British Columbia. »

– Brad Danks (topic) is an entertainment industry executive, consultant and lawyer specializing in developing strategies for financing, production and distribution of film and television properties. Brad comes from a legal background where he practiced as an entertainment lawyer for more than 10 years at some of Canada's most prestigious law firms. He worked on literally hundreds of film and television productions ranging from the development and acquisition of the underlying properties through financing and distribution. He acted on behalf of most major US studios, broadcasters, as well as major banks. For a number of years after practicing law, Brad consulted and provided strategic advice to numerous private and public companies around the world on entertainment and media business matters, including financing, business planning and development of new strategies to adapt to the emerging digital distribution universe. His particular emphasis was on developing strategies to take advantage of technological changes and their impact on traditional business models. Moreover, Brad financed technology companies from institutional investors, venture funds and individual investors, using private equity and public markets in Canada, the US and Asia. Most recently, Brad has been the COO of Convergent Entertainment for 3 years. During that time, he has been actively involved with the company's acquisition of a national specialty channel in Canada, OUTtv, as well as developing and implementing a new strategy for the channel. OUTtv has more than doubled its subscriber numbers in the past few years, and Brad helped successfully rebuild the online environment and advertising base. His day-to-day activities include overseeing all aspects of the channel including all matters relating to dealing with cable companies and affiliates, programming acquisitions/sales, marketing and sales, and new media. In addition to its involvement with OUTtv, Convergent also produces film and television programs. Brad is deeply involved and has worked on the development, financing and production of a significant number of feature films and television properties for the company. Convergent's experience is on an international basis; it includes working on deals in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Brad received his law degree from the University of Victoria in 1991 and became a member of the Law Society of British Columbia in 1992. »

– Elvira Lount (topic) is a partner in Utopia Pictures, VP of Marketing and Distribution, and the producer of several feature films in development. These films were all written by Utopia partner, writer/director Laurence Keane and include the mystery/thriller "The Golden Thread", the epic Canadian adventure "The Pathfinders", the art heist caper comedy "The Old Con", and the Silicon Valley romantic comedy "Taking Stock 2.0". Previously, Elvira produced the $2 million, 35mm dramatic feature film "Samuel Lount", whose financing was in part provided via a public offering. It tells the story of her great-great-grand uncle, a blacksmith and surveyor, who migrated from the United States to Canada in 1811 and became a leader of the Canadian Rebellion of 1837. Unlike its American counterpart, the Canadian Revolution failed and the pacifist Samuel Lount, who had embraced revolution, was hanged for treason. Produced in association with the CBC, the movie received five Genie nominations (i.e., Canadian Academy Awards), premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and the Seattle Film Festival, and has been sold worldwide. Elvira has also produced over 50 video and film documentaries, including the award-winning one-hour film "Baby Clock"; the half-hour video "Belly Dancing: Images From Vancouver"; the short film "Quiet Beach"; 44 documentaries for the Vancouver People's Law School on a variety of legal, social and political issues; and "Uprooted", a video production about the Japanese Internment in BC during World War II. In 1981, she was media coordinator for Vancouver Mayor Mike Harcourt's come-from-behind election campaign. Elvira began her career producing programs for Vancouver Co-op Radio. She has a background in all aspects of the media. Elvira graduated from the Media Resources Program at Capilano College, North Vancouver where she studied film, video, photography, graphics, communications and educational theory. She also took a course in Broadcast Journalism at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and completed her BA in English, History and Philosophy from the University of London, England. »

– Daljit "DJ" Parmar (topic) has just returned from India where he produced a cross-cultural English feature film which stars Canadian talent mixed with some of Bollywood's major celebrities. A producer of East-Indian descent, DJ has focused his career on making cross-cultural feature films that bridge the gap between North America and India, have commercial potential, and reach a global audience accustomed to Hollywood-type movies. He is actively developing a slate of feature film projects that aim to crossover North America with other cultures along with mainstream Hollywood blockbuster films. In addition to his passion for film, DJ is also a well respected community activist and heads "A Community That Cares" which tackles social issues within the community by way of media campaigns. Born and raised in Burnaby, British Columbia, he graduated from Vancouver Film School where he studied all aspects of production. . »

– Greg Moleski (moderator | topic) is the lead coordinator for all Vancouver-based activities of the Institute for Int'l Film Financing (IIFF), an organization bringing together filmmakers and financiers worldwide. He is also the Founder of independent motion-picture production company Seven Veils Film Group (SVFG) and an award-winning Writer/Director/Producer with several feature-length projects in development. He has developed strategic alliances with numerous qualified producers, production companies, legal advisors and financial partners, including FilmAngels. To date, Greg has written ten feature-length screenplays, several stage plays, and directed and produced numerous short films. His bio-epic screenplay "Rasputin" was a semifinalist in Steven Spielberg's Chesterfield Writer's Project at Universal Studios. His comedy script "The Margins" was recognized by Fade In Magazine's 2007 screenplay competition. Greg recently directed and produced a short for comedian Arj Barker ("Flight of the Conchords"); his one act play "The Girls in the Van" was enthusiastically received by audiences and critics alike at the 2005 Vancouver Fringe Festival; his documentary for a San Francisco drug treatment program was shown at numerous hearings in the California House and Senate to promote Prop. 36 treatment-instead-of-prison programs; and his home movie short "The Banana Boat Lift" earned Best Video and Best Director awards at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival. Greg is a graduate of the Hollywood Film Institute's Director and Producer training programs and has studied directing at the Sony Video Institute in Los Angeles. A natural-born improvisationalist, Greg has also studied Advanced Improvisation and Playback Theatre at the Magic Circle Theatre in Carmel Valley, CA as well as Method acting, film acting and Psychodrama at various workshops in San Francisco. He divides his time between California and Vancouver, British Columbia. »

– Thomas Trenker (topic) is a Wall Street investment banker and Silicon Valley startup executive turned independent film financier. Thomas (LinkedIn profile | full bio) serves as Chairman of the Institute for Int'l Film Financing (IIFF), an innovative, independent social-impact organization that endeavors to bridge the gap between the worlds of filmmaking and finance for the benefit of all stakeholders, including the public at large. IIFF was founded in 2003 and incorporated in California as a not-for-profit, public benefit corporation. Headquartered in San Francisco, IIFF has active chapters in multiple cities across the US and continues to grow and expand rapidly. Thomas is also Managing Director of FilmAngels, the world's first professional angel investor organization for film. Modeled after the way successful angel groups function in Silicon Valley, and adapted to the unique characteristics of the movie industry, FilmAngels focuses exclusively on the financing of independent films and film-related ventures. FilmAngels was founded by a group of accomplished Silicon Valley professionals with backgrounds in venture capital, investment banking, corporate law, real estate, software, and angel investing. The founding team developed the FilmAngels process and established the FilmAngels organization to address the unfilled need for a structured, highly efficient and, ultimately, more effective environment for the screening and financing of high-risk independent film projects. In addition to his leadership roles at FilmAngels and IIFF, Thomas organizes a variety of events and initiatives at the junction of filmmaking, entrepreneurship and venture capital. He is always on the lookout for worthwhile and intriguing new indie film projects that are seeking investor financing; don't hesitate to connect with Thomas on LinkedIn or at an upcoming IIFF meeting. »

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The Buzz:

The following quotes are samples of what others say about IIFF meetings…

"Wow. Last night was great! I want to thank you again for the inspiring work you do. This is such a big need […] and you're truly doing the work of angels (literally and figuratively)." — Brant Smith, Producer, "Quality of Life"

"I really must say that I found all speakers very interesting, and I was hanging on their every word. IIFF, the mission and content, seems to be a good fit for me, because it is my dream to run a medium size production house. […] Thank you, BIG THANK YOU […], for inviting me to this very quality and important event." — John Henry, Owner, John Henry Filmworks

"Let me again say I think you did a great job putting yesterday's event together – great crowd, smart presentation, lots of enthusiasm." — David Rosen, Executive Producer/Convener, Digital Independence

"Wow! For such a moderate investment, so much information. So much good networking. I hope you are proud of the magic you've created with IIFF." — Kevin Morrison, Writer/Director/Producer of independent film & TV

"I just wanted to say thanks for another great and informative meeting. The speakers were impressive and I made some good contacts." — Jesse Ford, Founder & Executive Director, Group Hug Productions

"IIFF and FilmAngels has really impressed me so far with its focus on the independent film community. I've traveled and interacted with film organizations around the world […]." — Jin Woo Joo, Founder, Cinemasports

"Thanks so much for hosting such an interesting program last week. I am always inspired by the creativity, and most recently, by the commitment to 'a better world'. It keeps my cynic's heart at bay! […] again, my heartfelt thanks for your mission and execution. Well done!" — Teri Cundall, Founder & President, Propville.com

"The event was great, very helpful." — Marc Perez, Co-President & Founding Partner, Sirk Productions

"[…] I greatly enjoyed attending last night's event and found it very informative - certainly something that's been missing in New York so far." — Michael Gunther, Director/Producer, Triboro Pictures

"Great presentation tonight. Lots of energetic discussions and questions." — Campbell Dalglish, Prof. of Screenwriting, MFA in Film & Video at CUNY

"Thanks so much for tonight's event. It was really inspiring and incredibly informative." — Elizabeth Foley, Founding Faculty Member, Producing Dep't at NYFA

"I enjoyed this evening's townhall presentation and found it very informative." — William Doll, Writer/Director, World Stage Pictures

"Your Town Hall mtg was stimulating. You managed to attract the right target audience, and I loved your choice of speakers." — Sandra Schulberg, Founder, Independent Feature Project (IFP)

"I attended the New York Town Hall Meeting and just wanted to thank you for setting up such an informative colloquium. It was my first IIFF event and I look forward to attending more in the future." — Blythe Frank, Producer, "Kettle of Fish" (Michael Mailer Films)

"Thank you again for a wonderful event last night." — Morgan Pehme, Co-Founder & CEO, Merlion Entertainment

"I'm just writing […] pertaining to the IIFF meeting last night, which I found both entertaining and informative and also promising of great things to come from IIFF in the near future!" — Thomas Woodrow, Producer, Furnace Films

"I attended the IIFF town hall last week in New York and came away impressed. Thank you for putting together such an excellent panel of speakers. I found [Mr. Trenker's] presentation especially useful. As a former quant at Putnam Investments, I tend to dig into the numbers and [Mr. Trenker's] analysis was illuminating." — Robert Milacci, Executive Producer, Sinestra Pictures

"I very much enjoyed the seminar last Saturday in Stowe, VT. It was a lot of driving in one day (3.25 hrs. each way…), but worth it. […] Thanks again for a very enlightening day." — Marjorie Short, Oscar-nominated Writer/Producer/Director, Short Productions

"Just a note to say Larry Meistrich had a good time last night and was impressed with the quality of the group." — Jeff Silverstein, President of NEHST Access + Learning, NEHST Studios

"As it turns out, my producing partner [producer/director Leszek Burzynski] attended your IIFF meeting in Santa Monica on July 16. He was quite impressed with the presentations." — Terrance Sweeney, Partner & Producer, Winning Team Studios

"I just wanted to say thanks again for putting on such a great forum last night. […] I really enjoyed the occasion and especially the presentations. They were extremely relevant and really strong, credible presenters." — Gordon Clark, CEO, The Movie Portfolio Fund

"First, I wanted to say how much I really enjoyed your premier IIFF/LA seminar…!" — Frank Sacks, Founder & Principal, The Frank Sacks Company

"I had a very enjoyable experience. The seminar was extremely professional and well put together." — Adam Tantleff, Founder, President & Executive Producer, Sinestra Pictures

"THANKS […] There are no organizations or groups that I have come across that are doing what you and Film Angels are doing." — J. Martin, Co-Owner, 24 Bros Entertainment

"I cannot express enough gratitude toward the great job that you are doing to help talented filmmakers realize their dreams. God bless you!" — Mara Vardanyan, Producer, Roman Pictures

"Your seminars are FIRST RATE!" — Rowan Joseph, President, Greenwood Hill Productions

"Thanks for organizing a great event. I thought it was a very interesting group of speakers." — Tricia van Klaveren, Producer/Exec. Producer & Principal, Fully Loaded Pictures

"[T]hank you for a terrific meeting last night…" — Greg Lejnieks, Actor/Filmmaker, Art Dealer & fmr. Pro Soccer Player

"First of all, thank you for hosting the Film Financing seminar. Very, very informative. I hope you have another one very soon." — Richard Beaty, Writer/Producer/Director & Co-Owner, Cielo Azul Films

"Just wanted to say 'thank you' for last night's IIFF meeting. […] The slides look great […]. I look forward to the next meeting." — Robert Pratten, Founder & Writer/Director, Zen Films

"I'm a big fan of all you're doing with IIFF… very inspiring to filmmakers." — Thomas Mignone, Director/Writer, DOOM Incorporated

"Thank you for hosting the [Workshop] last week. It was very informative and [the instructor] was spectacular. I learned a lot and met several fantastic people." — Lisa McTigue, Producer/Director, Three Masked Peeps Productions

"Thank you for inviting us to present to your [FilmAngels] groups in both Palo Alto and San Francisco. The attendees were warm and educated investors. You've done a terrific job gathering people with a passion for film." — Julie Richardson, Producer, "Collateral" (Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx)

"First, I simply must say what an amazingly informative session it was and well carried out by Tricia van Klaveren and her guest speakers. It packed a memorable punch. […] I had never heard of IIFF previously and now look forward to more of the same from you guys." — Teo, CEO, Cool Room Entertainment

"I must thank you for sending Dr. Patrick O'Heffernan down to Los Angeles last month. It was the best $200 I have ever spent on a seminar. [S]ince Patrick has both raised money and invested money, his perspective was simply invaluable!!!" — Rosser Goodman, Director, KGB Films

"It was another great event and I appreciate all your work […]. Thank you." — Paul Oja, Writer/Director, "Bus Trip"

"You assembled an impressive group of speakers (and characters). […] I think we share a strong desire to help filmmakers." — Darren Ehlers, COO, Scenechronize

Would you like to speak out? We want to hear from you! Send us your comments by email.

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