How to Figure Out What You Want When You Are Changing Careers

Are you frustrated in your current job but have no idea what job would make you happy?  Would you switch careers if you could only figure out WHAT you want to be doing? If you answered YES, then join us for this telephone seminar where you will learn:

  • the 3 hidden truths about your next career move that will help you move ahead despite not having all the answers yet
  • the 4 key strategies successful career changers use to uncover their hidden passions
  • the 1 method to use to unlock your ideas when you have no clue what you want
  • how to turn your likes and desires into a meaningful AND practical career

Where: We meet over a telephone conference call. The bridge number will be provided upon registration. This is just like an in person seminar except it is presented via telephone. Normal telephone charges apply.

What others have said about these phone seminars:

Your advice to think about “what people come to you for” has really resonated with me. It’s an entirely new way of discovering what you are respected for and what ultimately could bring you joy and success.

--Jeanette Paladino,

I think the key value for me was learning that most other people on the call were struggling with the same issues I have been trying to resolve.  It’s great to get suggestions for resolving issues but it is almost as important to realize that the issues are not yours alone.

--Andy Butler, PBS

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