FCDI: First Church Discipleship Institute (Mod 1)

First Church
Discipleship Institute


FCDI is designed to equip and support the continued growth of the members of our congregation by providing biblical and practical teachings.  From youth age 15 to mature adults, FCDI offers various classes and courses of study to promote and facilitate the learning of the bible, its principles, and its application to life and ministry situations. 

First Baptist Church of Mandarin is committed to your Christian growth.  We believe it is God’s will for every believer in Jesus Christ to develop into a mature, knowledgeable, and ever growing vessel that He can use.  FCDI will help you regardless of your current stage of development in your faith walk.




Module 1


The Book of Romans


The prevailing theme of Romans is the righteousness that comes from God:  the glorious truth that God justifies guilty, condemned sinners by grace alone through faith in Christ alone. (Ephesians 2:8-10) And the foundational things He has put in place to bring us to that expected end. This epistle’s name comes from its original recipients:  The members of the church in Rome, the capital of the Roman Empire. The Book of Romans serves primarily as a work of doctrine.  Chapters 1-11 present the theological truths of that doctrine, while chaps. 12-16 detail its practical application in the lives of individual believers and the life of the whole Church. Some specific theological topics include principles of spiritual leadership (1:8-15); God’s wrath against sinful mankind (1:28-32); principles of divine judgment (2:1-16); the universality of sin (3:9-20); an exposition and defense of justification by faith alone (3:21-4:25); the security of salvation (5:1-11); the transference of Adam’s sin (5:12-21); sanctification (chaps. 6-8); sovereign election (chap. 9); God’s plan for Israel (chap. 11); spiritual gifts and practical godliness (chap. 12); the believer’s responsibility to human government (chap. 13); and principles of Christian liberty (14:1-15:12). The Book of Romans will help you better understand why we believe what we believe!

 Instructor—Dr. Eugene McCormick, Ed.D.


How to Study the Bible


Truly the Bible is magnificent. The Bible is an awe-inspiring book. However, we don’t want merely to admire it; we need to understand it. In fact, the majority of people who have an opinion about the Bible--either positive or negative--don’t understand what it says. Such understanding is crucial because the Bible is the Word of God, a fact that becomes especially apparent as you study it. So we need to know how to study the Bible. That encompasses four things: reading it, interpreting it, meditating on it, and teaching it. Bible study begins with reading. Yet, quite frankly, a lot of people never get to that point. At best, most people nibble at the text. They may read books about the Bible or devotional materials loosely based on it, but they don’t read the Bible itself.  Good Christian books and magazines that supplement your Bible reading are fine, but there is no substitute for reading Scripture.

 Instructor— Dr. Raymond Bentley,  Th.D.


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