Now What Happens?

Fusebox Festival What Happens?Now what Happens?

Heloise Gold & special guests

Now what Happens?

April 26    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Salvage Vanguard Theater

Heloise Gold (dancer/performance-artist/comic) and a small bevy of Austin cohorts present an intimate variety show…exploring the intersections of minimalism, movement, soundscapes, improvisation and theatrics…including Julie Nathanielsz’ Meeting Point dance 

What happens when the slowest movement is amplified?

What happens when an ancient Chi Kung master does the hula?
What happens when the sensing body is the score?
What happens when pigs and people get together? 


CHRYSANTHEMUM is one of Gold’s current personalities….she last appeared in a friend’s apartment in NY

THE MEETING POINT is a project directed by Julie Nathanielsz, in which performers work with a particular interest  in shaping, a little or a lot, that which is already happening in the body. Performers include Julie Nathanielsz, Elaine Dove, Lauren Tietz and saxaphonist Carl Smith

THE SOUND OF PAPER is a solo by Gold incorporating a paper costume/sculpture created by dancer/visual artist Beverly Bajema

BOTTLES AND BIRDS is a dance solo by Gold which features her interest in the body as an instrument of listening

PIGZ R US premiered in 2008 at the Ears Eyes And Feet Festival at The University of  Texas. It incorporates live processing, recorded sound, live sound, dance and mechanical toys. The performers include Austin dance-artists Julie Nathanielz, Elaine Dove, Lauren Tietz and composer Luis Passos

This show is being produced by Fusebox Festival along with Heloise Gold  & Beverly Bajema Productions

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