GuruGuru - 4/30 7:00pm



April 30 7:00pm

IMPORTANT: GuruGuru requires 5 participants in order for the piece to run. While we will always try to fill slots, if you want to be totally sure of being able to do GuruGuru, we encourage you to book in groups of 5

Please call the Fusebox reservation line with any questions: 512.524.2041.

Conceived and created by Ant Hampton, with Joji Koyama and Isambard Khroustaliov

Five participants (each receiving different instructions via their earpieces) talk together with a televised character whose role flicks uncannily between spiritual and marketing guru. Revelling in the absurdities of marketing technique and group therapy, Hampton, Koyama and Khroustaliov reverse the awkward history of consumer research by allowing their audience to create their own animated therapist - by means of a focus group!

Unleashing what Ernest Dichter called 'the secret self of the consumer' and allowing it to run about perhaps a little too freely, GuruGuru also explores the amusing yet complex notion of ‘wearing’ opinions and emotional reactions as one might a choice of clothes: as with 'Etiquette' (Rotozaza's earlier show in the Autoteatro series), audience members find themselves falling into a strange kind of dialogue by simply following pre-recorded instructions as to what to say and do.

GuruGuru (round-and-round in Japanese) is created by Ant Hampton in collaboration with acclaimed film-maker / animation artist Joji Koyama, and longtime collaborator Isambard Khroustaliov (Sam Britton - musician, electronic composer and one half of the group Icarus.)

Facts and FAQ's:

Q - Is there an audience?
A - Only the other four people wearing headphones, doing the piece with you. There is no audience as such, or anyone else around who might see / hear.

 Q - If it's only for 5 people, is it hard to get a ticket?
A - No, because the piece is programmed hourly throughout the day.

GuruGuru is a commissioned project of the Fusebox Festival.

This event is free for Fusebox Festival pass holders. Non pass holders will be required to purchase a ticket ($10.00/each) at the door. Reservations are required.

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