Fast Track to Your First Client




Do you want to earn a 6 figure income?

Do you want to work fewer than 40, 30, or even 20 hours a week?

Do you want to be independent?

Do you want to do what you love and have a feeling of freedom such that you will never feel like you are working again?

Jay Hancock is proud to present his Fast Track to Your First Client. Through an interactive LIVE workshop, you will learn to the skill of working for yourself - giving you the ability to earn a 6 figure income and work 40, 30, or even 20 hours per week, giving you the free time to enjoy your family and your life, develop extra income, and do what you always wanted to do.

At Fast Track to Your First Client, you will learn:

  • A step by step system for starting your new business and closing your first client!!!
  • How to raise your self confidence to overcome fear and BE UNSTOPPABLE
  • How to powerfully transition your family, your finances, and your business life to BE INDEPENDENT
  • How to GUARANTEE YOUR INCOME each and every month
  • How to DOUBLE YOUR INCOME and WORK LESS over time
  • Secret marketing techniques that will LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS QUICKLY with no cost
  • How to develop a professional approach that will have PEOPLE SAY YES ENTHUSIASTICALLY TO YOU
  • How to reduce your tax bill
  • How to discover hidden resources and clients in your already existing network
  • How to make money while other people do the work
  • How to get started with ZERO CASH up front
  • Secrets to executing to ENSURE YOU GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT
  • How to leverage your new situation to CREATE A POWERFUL WEALTH STRATEGY

Why attend Fast Track to Your First Client?

  • To be self sufficient and independent, able to EARN MONEY AT ANY TIME WHEN YOU WANT TO
  • To LEAVE YOUR JOB with confidence
  • To take your already existing self employment career to a new level
  • To COMMIT YOURSELF to long term wealth
  • To FREE YOURSELF from the stress and time that a traditional job requires
  • To network and partner with like-minded individuals


You are going to learn an invaluable skill that will help you earn more money in less time than in your current situation. Let's say that's $1,000 more to be conservative. Then every year, you will earn $12,000 extra. Over a 20 year period, that's $240,000 of additional income, not to mention the reduced stress and better quality of life. We know you'll do better with residual and passive income added in and your abilities will only grow over time.

The investment in our seminar is $595.00.

For a limited time only, we are offering a dramatically reduced price. We recognize that the economy is slower, and people need a helping hand.

For the next seminar, we are video taping the seminar to produce a product. For the full seminar, we are reducing your investment to $99 per ticket this one time only.  

Don't wait - we only have 23 spots in total and we could sell out at any time.


It's essential to have support and an understanding voice who knows what you are undertaking.  That's why we've created a special price for two people to attend for the incredible value of $150.  Just enter the code and buy two tickets for $75 each.


If after the first day of delivery, you are not satisfied for whatever reason, we will fully refund your money.

Course Logistics

The course starts at 9:00 am and ends at 6:00 pm each day, with regular breaks and a longer lunch break. The temperature in the room may vary, so please bring a jacket or light sweater.

About the presenter

The presenter, Jay B. Hancock owns a software development independent contractor company, Kibbles Software Inc.. He also is a coach and presenter in breakthrough programs for individual personal development and is a private mentor for people starting out in business. It is his desire to share his knowledge of how to be self employed, so that people can have the freedom that he has developed for himself, and especially in these times where the economy is tough. Jay believes that people who understand this valuable skill are not limited by the job market and can contribute on a larger scale, and be rewarded for that contribution with wealth and freedom.


The ticket to this course are valid for this course only and may not be transferred to a later course.  Tickets may be transferred to another individual. The bonuses are available only to the attendees of the stated course. We offer a full GUARANTEE that you will be satisfied with the course - if after the first day of the course you are not satisfied, you may at that time only receive your money back. There are no refunds for non-attendance.

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