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New Ways of Working Together 



MARCH 26 for Nonprofits with budgets under $1M (SOLD OUT!)
MARCH 27 for Nonprofits with budgets over $1M (

All participants will receive a copy of The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution as well as a CD with 27 tools including the '90-Day Plan for Incremental Improvements.'   Lunch is also included in the fee.  There is information below on a significant fee discount for smaller organizations.

There is no doubt that the economic downturn will hit nonprofit organizations hard in the next two years.  Part of the solution lies in strategic restructuring beyond our own organizations - how we engage partner organizations.  This workshop identifies the tools available as you meet environmental challenges and pursue your mission in difficult times.   

  • How do you decide whether to continue a program, or stop it or pause it, or share it with another nonprofit?
  • How do you quickly identify and seize opportunities created by this shifting economy? 
  • Should new opportunities be pursued alone or in partnership with others? 
  • How do you frame and lead these fast-track planning efforts with your staff, your Board, your funders and your potential partner?Nonprofit Strategy Revolution

La Piana's Fast-Track Strategic Planning methodology offers tools and a framework to meet these current challenges in our rapidly changing environment.  The session will develop skills to generate a “strategy screen” - key criteria for evaluating strategies – so the next time a critical issue pops up, you’ll have strategic principles in place and be able to respond quickly. 

Participants will gain tools to help answer big questions—what are the opportunities or threats that require a new strategy in order to respond effectively?  Participants will also discuss the potential of Strategic Restructuring as an opportunity to discover new ways of working together with other organizations. 

Fee Discount: Thanks to the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, discounts are available to some nonprofits toward the workshop fee of $75.  Nonprofits with budgets under $1 million can attend on March 26 for $10. Contact Eduardo with the name of your organization, the name of the person who would like to attend, and your organization's budget to apply for this discount.

All participants will receive a copy of the Nonprofit Strategy Revolution.

This is part of the Roundtable's five-part New Ways of Working Together series designed to provide nonprofits with tools and knowledge to adapt and collaborate through economic change. 

Thanks to our sponsors:

 The DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation

The Community Foundation for the National Capital Area

The Meyer Foundation


This Nonprofit Roundtable series is led by LaPiana & Associates, national leaders in the field, with cutting-edge techniques for successful partnering among nonprofit organizations.  This series is appropriate for nonprofit executive directors, staff, and Board Members.

The Roundtable builds the strength, influence and visibility of the nonprofit community in Greater Washington.  You can read about the Roundtable in the Washington Post or contact Eduardo for more information including Membersip.

The Roundtable builds the strength, influence and visibility of the nonprofit community in Greater Washington.  You can read about the Roundtable in the Washington Post and contact Eduardo about Membership.


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